Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How has it been?

It has been almost 4 months since I landed on this foreign lah-lah-land. It has been 4 months of being miles and miles away from my family and friends. It has been 4 months of trying to learn the ropes of the new industry I am in. It has been 4 months.

I was never fearful of my decision to try my luck here in Singapore. It was actually the best decision I've ever made. Why?

One thing is that my mom's going home already, back in the Philippines, after 15 years of not seeing her, the whole family will now have her back.

Good for them.

Sad for me.

I could always see it that way. I could always think that it's sad that just when my mom goes home, I fly away and work abroad. I could always ask why am I doing this? Why am I working for my mom? Why?

But then I always end up smiling and telling myself that, "Hey! Look at the brighter side! You earn money not just for yourself but for your mom."

And yes, it actually is fulfilling to know that your hardwork is slowly paying off.

So, how has it been?

I met new friends.

I built good working relationships.

I work for a good company.

I have the person there is with me.

I am happy.


I am happy.

And nobody can take it away from me. Not one.

So if ever you decide to go abroad, take it as an opportunity to discover what is out there and see the best things that could happen.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OFW po ako

It has been a while since I last posted something on this blog. Really long while. A seemingly relaxing hiatus for me and for my search for greener pasture.

And so yes, I went out of the country to earn a better salary. Much better, at that.

But yes, I'm still aligned with what I studied in college. Not underemployed. Not underpaid.

Just perfect.

Let me just get everything straight, I'm here not for the sake of earning a bunch of bread for myself, but for my mom.

But what seems to be the best thing about working abroad?

Aside from the money, you get to start a whole new life for yourself, start a whole new story that everybody will surely love to read.

You get to meet a lot of friends, people from your own country who went to that place with the same reason that you have.

You get to discover a lot about yourself, reflect on what life has become for the past years.

You get to learn.

You get to earn.

We will all have different reasons and answers to that question.

But one thing's for sure, you will live a life full of ooohhhhs and aaaaahhhhs that you never realized you can do.

Ako po ay isang OFW.

And I'm mighty proud to be one.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

To PNoy with love

There's always a need for change. And that he said, he will bring about to the Filipino nation.

President Benigno Aquino III, the next big thing in the Philippine history.

Okay, my first two lines showed my full support to PNoy.


I am very much a fan, from the start of his campaign to his first day in Malacanan.


Even though Charice Pempengco looked like Snow White in her gown on PNoy's inauguration, I still am an avid supporter. Don't get me wrong, I love Charice. It was just her gown that day. But that would be a totally different blog entry.

Everyone's expecting a huge change with PNoy's administration. And everyone means even the people outside the country - Singapore, Japan, China, and even US.

Thus, it's a weight to PNoy's shoulder.

I just hope he won't stoop down and disappoint everyone.

I mean, there will surely be pitholes along the way. But if only the Filipino nation will be there by his side, no walls won't keep the country from moving forward.

So to PNoy, with our hopes held high, may you be the man we hoped you would be.

There would be no easy way to get there to where you want the Philippines to be, but for me, at least, you have our support. It will be a long journey, but hey, we have each other.

To PNoy with love.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kung buhay pa si Pepe

Sa ikasandaa't apatnapung kaarawan ni Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado Y Alonzo Realonda, biglang kong naisip na paano na lang kaya kung buhay pa si Pepe?

Ano kaya ang itsura niya? Ano kaya ang iniisip niya? May position kaya siya sa gobyerno?

Kung buhay pa si Pepe...

Tutulugsain niya panigurado ang bawat buhay na jejemon sa Pilipinas. Hindi. Hindi po ako galit sa mga jejemo'ng ito.

Sabi nga ni Rizal, "Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika, mas malansa pa sa isda".

Mula roon, naisip kong magiging anti-jejemon si Rizal. Hindi lang nila binago ang wikang Filipino, binaboy pa ito.

Kung buhay pa si Pepe...

Siguro nangibang bansa na siya, lalo pa't kelangan ng mga doctor sa ibayong bansa. Sigurado'ng mayaman na siya ngayon at may sariling bahay sa Amerika.

O di kaya'y nag-aral ulit ito ng Nursing. Marami rin ang nangangailangan ng nurse sa bansa tulad ng Canada at Amerika, sigurado'ng magkakatrabaho siya doon.

Kung buhay pa si Pepe...

Baka nagpapalit na to ng pangalan. Mula sa Jose, kikilalanin na natin siyang Joe. Mas maganda nga naman sa tenga, mas commericalized.

Kung buhay pa si Pepe...

Mas magiging maayos kaya ang Pilipinas? Mas maunlad? Mas kaaya-aya?

Tingin mo? Kung buhay pa si Pepe?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sucker for Hawker

Char Tiew noodles for lunch

Breakfast hasn't been this good with a Kaya Toast

Laksa for your spicy craving tongue

Chicken rice to top it all

When you're a stranger in a country of Buddhas and Dragon dances, there's always that hesitation to try the local dishes.

Not in my case.

I call myself adventurous when it comes to food. Food, anyway, is but the best invention of mankind.

Singapore homes the best Hawker Centers in Asia. Yes. These food havens are the way to go when in a tight travel budget.

When you wake up in the morning and wanted a smell of Singapore right at your table, worry not, Kaya Toast is the best choice.

Perfect paired with iced or hot coffee, Kaya Toast is best dipped in a bowl of half-cooked egg savored with soy sauce and salt.

After a very long walk around the island, hunger will strike you at lunch time. Settle on the nearest hawker center and get yourself a bowl of Char Tiew Noodles.

Topped with roasted pork and veggies, savor sweetness and authenticity of this chinese noodle delicacy right within your pocket's reach.

When under the rain, there's always my favorite noodle soup, Laksa. This spicy and perspiring bowl of noodles will surely get you up for another long walk in the island.

And as they say, you haven't been to Singapore without a taste of the infamous Chicken Rice.

Steamed and sprinkled with a taste of perfection, this genuine chinese delicacy will make you crave for more and drool for even more.

With all these...

Like me, you'll surely be a sucker for Hawker.