Thursday, August 27, 2009

A good, worthy laugh it was

I was there when Cinemalaya announced this year's Best Feature Film, Last Supper No. 3. There was a round of applause, even a standing ovation.

That stir my interest to watch the film.

Then Fat Lion came to my rescue.

They held a free viewing of the film. Who was I to resist a free film viewing? Time to eat culture again, I thought.

* * *

We all know of what the Last Supper is, it is in every table of every family in the country.

Last Supper No.3 tells us a simple story of a production designer, Wilson, with his assistant, Andoy, who lost a Last Supper image which they only used and paid for from Gareth.

Gareth's Last Supper was among the top three images, thus it's title.

Making the film more interesting is the way how Roni Velasco, the director, stitched a subtle bite against the ala-Turtle justice system in the country.

The actors even made it more brilliant. Joey Paras, an innate actor, brought to life on screen a story which ordinary Filipinos do experience but in the most comic way.

But what made this different is the fact that you laughed yet learned so much than you expected.

Yet, no matter how hard you laugh, after watching the film, you'll suddenly realize how unlucky we are with our justice system.

I still have high hopes for it though.

There is still a chance for change, I think.

A good laugh it was.

Worthy laugh, at that.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Araw ng Dilaw

To commemorate the 26th Anniversary of Ninoy Aquino’s assassination, the Benigno S. Aquino Jr. Foundation is officially declaring August 21 as “Araw ng Dilaw”.

On August 21, 2009,
Make Ninoy and Cory’s spirit of sacrifice live within you.

Sa Araw ng Dilaw,

Wear something yellow.
Light a yellow candle
to remember Ninoy and Cory’s love for the Filipino.

And if you’re on the road on that day
Keep the flame of Ninoy and Cory burning.
Along with a thousand other cars, switch on your hazard lights from 6pm to 7pm
and spread the country’s Yellow Spark far and wide.

* * *

Taken from an email.

Please pass the word.

Let's make this another milestone, another Filipino history, another day to remember.

When families collide

I admit, I am a family person.

I may seem not to be, but I love my family. And being a part of it, I always pray for my family's peace and understanding.


One main abstract issue that my family usually encounters.

And I hate how it always emerge amidst us.

I belong to an extended family. Being such, it's easy for me to see how my family moves and lives everyday of their lives.

We are now back to where we were before.

Seeing and hearing your family members talk ill behind another family member's back wounds me.

This is not what I wanted my family to be.

Now that I am old enough to handle things, I need to do my part.

Every waking day and night, I pray to God, "Please do take care of my family, heal it's wounds, and listen to their prayers,"

Where else do you go when you're everything seems to be heavy?

But to the our Almighty Father.

Heal my family.

Heal it's aches.

Grant us peace.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

How do you break the news?

Goodbyes are the most overrated scene for me.

I hate goodbyes.

I hate the tears that go with it.

I've been to a lot, and I mean a lot, of farewells in my life for the past 22 years.

Everything started when my mom left for abroad.

When my friend and her family decided to live in Manila.

When my white cotton-like dog died (forgive me I don't know the breed).

Even when President Cory died.

I don't know.

But goodbyes pushes down a tear from my eyes.

Then I thought, it's a whole lot different when you're the one who's saying goodbye.

It's never an easy thing to do.

You lose your words.

You tremble.

Until you realize, you're crying.

Can anybody tell me?

How do you break the news?

Monday, August 10, 2009

The song that made EDSA

The day Tita Cory died until her funeral, one song made it on top of my mind.

The song, as I call it, that made EDSA Revolution.


The song makes me smile, in one way or another.

It give me goose bumps.

And seeing that huge, gigantic, number of people falling in line to see Tita Cory for the last time, I said, "EDSA has never died. It just slept for a little while,"


It would always and forever play in my mind.

As long as the Filipino people will fight for what is right.

Will stand up for what they believe.

Will continue to have that faith.


* * *

Ngayon ganap ang hirap sa mundo
Unawa ang kailangan ng tao
Ang pagmamahal sa kapwa'y ilaan
Isa lang ang ugat na ating pinagmulan
Tayong lahat ay magkakalahi
Sa unos at agos ay huwag padadala

Panahon na (may pag-asa kang matatanaw)
Ng pagkakaisa (bagong umaga, bagong araw)
Kahit ito (sa atin Siya'y nagmamahal)
Ay hirap at dusa
Magkaisa (may pag-asa kang matatanaw)
At magsama (bagong umaga, bagong araw)
Kapit-kamay (sa atin Siya'y nagmamahal)
Sa bagong pag-asa

Ngayon may pag-asang natatanaw
May bagong araw, bagong umaga
Pagmamahal ng Diyos, isipin mo tuwina

(Repeat Chorus)

Magkaisa (may pag-asa kang matatanaw)
At magsama (bagong umaga, bagong araw)
Kapit-kamay (sa atin Siya'y nagmamahal)
Sa bagong pag-asa

Friday, August 7, 2009

Salamat Regal Films

Minsan ka bang natakot sa kanya?

Minsa bang naramdaman mo ang takot na maligo sa lawa o sa sapa dahil sa kanya?

Minsan bang natakot kang umupo sa inidoro sa takot na baka lumabas siya?

Sino ba?

Sino ba ang hindi nakaramdam ng takot dahil sa kanya?

Sino ba sya?

Undin. Ito ang pangalan niya.

At hanggang ngayon, nakatatak padin sa puso at isipan ko ang itsura niya.

Ang ingay na ginagawa niya tuwing tinatapakan ang itlog niya.

Ang haba ng kanyang kuko.

Ang lagkit ng kanyang laway.

Ang kanyang mahabang buhok.

Salamat sa Shake, Rattle, and Roll.

Salamat Regal Films.

Salamat sa obrang hinding hindi malilimutan ng bawat Pilipinong namulat sa palabas na ito.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Now, this is funny!

What did you say?

President Arroyo's dead?

Really now.


Printed today, August 6, 2009 is the above photo with the caption saying that the coffin of President Arroyo is out of the Manila Cathedral.

Now, this is a huge issue.

First, Manila Bulletin surely has a problem to face. An erratum will, of course, be one of their solutions. But, I don;t think that would be enough for President Arroyo.

Imagine being dead before your time.

Second, I just don't think President Arroyo deserves that large crowd for her death. She's just not the Cory Aquino type.

Never has been. Never will be.

What would happen next?

Let's wait and see. But surely, this is hilarious.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I was part of History

The death of President Cory Aquino took a toll on me as a human being, as a Filipino. More than the death of Michael Jackson, her death made me realize more things than one.

But seeing her in person, in her casket, with her yellow beaded dress and exceptional make-up, is a whole different story to tell.

We arrived at Manila Cathedral surprised with the very long line. Or was I really surprised?

There seems to be a party, I whispered.

It was far from what I thought it is.

But then again, I realized, these people are rejoicing not because of Cory's death, but because they will finally see one of the greatest Filipino icon.

Ditto. I did feel the same.

Falling in line for a whopping four hours is not a joke. I hope I can draw how the line looked like in Intramuros, I would.

When I finally went inside the church, it was a bliss and mourning altogether.

And then there she was, peaceful, happy, and seemingly satisfied.

I even thought she's smiling.

When I went out, it was truly an affirmation.

An affirmation that after EDSA Revolution on 1986, I am now a part of history as it unfolds right before my eyes.

Seeing more than 40,000 people fall in line, not minding the harsh weather, is truly a history.

Once again, President Cory proved that Filipinos can be united and fight together for one goal, one reason, one purpose.

I am sure, as of this writing, President Cory is smiling, happy to see what I have realized.

I am Filipino, and I'm mighty proud to be one.