Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Careless Whisper reigns the airwaves

From swine flu came Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili video scandal.

The country was quaked when a two-pieced Katrina Halili sexy danced her way to the tune of Hayden Kho's version of 'Careless Whisper.' Eveyrbody has gone mad, even the senators and congressmen.

For a moment, swine flu suddenly went out of the picture.

Yet, apparently, the 2-year-old dancing video they did is not alone. They also have a sex video, to which Katrina doesn't know, showing how Hayden Kho did his tricks with Katrina.

Dra. Vicky Belo must have been so jealous of what happened.

But on the other side of the story, it's Katrina's flying career that's crushed into pieces, torn into bits, shattered into lifeless forms.

Now, government officials like Bong Revilla and Edu Manzano are taking actions on how to help Katrina who is, on the other hand, asking for Gabriela's help.

Jolly Jeep says that Hayden Kho should acknowledge everything, to at least even speak out his side of the story, I mean, after all the scandalous videos, after all the press releases, after all the issues, he has remained silent about this.

I personally think that Katrina should be strong amidst all these. It would, of course, be detrimental to her career, but that would be the consequence of her actions. She doesn't know anything, that's what everyone's saying. But the act they did is something she should be storng of.

Where would this probably take them?

It might ruin both's career. It might even take this to their graves.

But one thing's for sure, this would be enough to at least rest from swine flu for a while. And if ever you want a copy, I do have one. *wink*

Monday, May 18, 2009

Heaven and Hell on Earth

And so it wasn't literally about angels and demons after all, just as how a friend expected it to be.

Though it was as sensationalized and intriguing as Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons made its way to the hearts of every movie-goer. Literally, I was like falling in line to David Cook and David Archuleta's back-to-back concert in Manila, the line seem to be that long.

Angels and Demons is yet again another adaptation from Dan Brown's novel, and yes, I haven't read it and it's much disappointing from my end to not have a single idea about what the film or the novel is about.

But thanks to a very unruffled storyline, I got to have a full grasp of the film.

Angels and Demons tells us the story of the Illuminati, an organization dedicated to unravel the scientific truth behind the teachings of the Church and Robert Langdon, a Symbologist and professor from Harvard University, seeks to solve the mystery of the four Cardinals who were lost right before the conclave's assembly in the Sistine Chapel.

As said, the story telling is very strong and in tact. Ron Howard and Dan Brown's collaboration gave way to a masterpiece. You would notice how each detail of the film was carefully thought over and over to produce a film of high acclaims.

You would definitely love the cinematography. They captured the beauty of Vatican plus the exhilarating feel of the film.

Tom Hanks, as expected, is something to watch out for. You would love how he captured the character he was portraying, maintaining what he did in The Da Vinci Code.

Ewan McGregor is something to watch out for in the film. His acting powers added to the powerhouse cast that gave much anticipation for the viewers.

How mysterious the film may be, I wouldn't definitely know how much of this film is true.

It's fiction, much has been said.

But there's more to what is written, see and compare.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Who will be the next?

Adam Lambert

Kris Allen

Just the same time a year ago, everybody were shouting for their bet on who will be Season 8's American Idol - a choice between two Davids, David Cook and David Archuleta.

The slightly older David won.

Now, here were are again, torn between two of the best - Adam Lambert and Kris Allen - who will be this season's American Idol (said in a Ryan Seacrest intonation).

Let's try to dive a little deeper on these Idol hopefuls.

Adam Lambert whose hope in becoming the next Idol was preceded with rumors which were actually true. But nothing stopped Lambert to beat everyone out and win the race.

His background in theater aided his quest. Although, some are not into his style, but you can't simply deny the power that his theater skills bring. A true performer, I should say.

Kris Allen, on the other hand, is a Cinderella story in the making. Nobody expected him to be one of the top two, everybody was expecting Danny Gokey. But American has voted, and it's Kris Allen.

What I like about Kris is his style - a very light yet good-to-hear vocal style. And you can't deny it, he has the looks. Thus, looks + powerful singing = undeniable chance to be the next idol.

But if you ask me, who between the two should win?

It would probably be Kris Allen. Adam Lambert may be great, but Kris Allen has the looks that you can easily market and of course, everyone will buy.

What do you think?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Trek worth the cent

Online, print, or word of mouth - everyone's so into Star Trek.

I was never a fan of the series, I never watched even a single episode - not even the storyline. So when I entered the theater, I have nothing in mind but the rave reviews online.

But the film didn't fail to impress me in ways more than one.

First, the storytelling was undeniably flawless. It was like a reading a bedtime book to a 7-year-old girl in its most sci-fi way, I could hardly imagine. I love how the J.J. Abrams relayed the story to the audience, even to those who doesn't know even a single idea about the film.

Both sound effects and CG were exceptional. It transported the viewers to a different dimension, never before seen through a naked eye.

The cinematography is another story to tell. It captured, the best way it can, earth's future look - from the shots to the lighting - exuberantly perfect.

How about the actors, you might ask?

Chis Pine held on to the character until the credits. Seeing him from Just My Luck to Princess Diaries 2 to Blind Dating is something to look forward to now that he's Jim Kirk in Star Trek. Aside from his physique, his portrayal of the character proved his versatility. More than eye-catching, he was an actor in its truest sense.

I've only heard about Zachary Quinto in Star Trek. Then I realized, based on research, he appeared in Lizzie McGuire, Heroes, and 24 - that clearly explains why he's not that familiar. However, he did a splendid job as Spock.

Eric Bana is another someone to watch out for in this film. He's so good you wouldn't even notice it's him. Really. Zoe Saldana is a bitch in its most positive essence. I only saw her once in Center Stage, but in this film, she is totally not the Zoe I saw before - aside from still being skinny, of course.

The actors that reprised the cast is above average, not, superior I should say.

True enough, Star Trek is a trek worth the cent, worth even the millions and millions spent. I can't hardly wait for the next.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Barcelona with Vicky and Cristina

Love raised to the power of not just two, not three, but four.

That would probably best describe, in my own opinion, this very engaging and compelling film written and directed by Woody Allen, Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona tells us the story of two young ladies, Vicky and Christina, who spenttheir summer in the land of art and erotism, Barcelona. Vicky, engaged to Doug, is taking up her Catalan studies and firmly roots herself to this safe relationship, while Cristina is a happy-go-lucky woman who doesn't believe what Vicky does.

Their summer is falling into the right path not until they meet Juan Antonio, a painter who just had a divorce with Maria Elena, a tempestuous artist.

I should say that Penelope Cruz truly deserved the Oscars recognition. I haven't seen her act but she was superb, exhilarating, at that.

Javier Bardem, on the other hand, is truly sexy - sexy in the most professional and actor way. He may not have won the Academy, but his acting powers proved superior in Gaudi Awards, Golden Globe, and Independent Spirit Awards.

Rebecca Hall is enthralling. Her acting prowess proved best in London Critics Circle Film Awards, Gotham Awards, and Golden Globe Awads to name a few. What made her won the judges' nod is her undeniable passion. She was not the best in the pool of cast, but she definitely stood out.

Who would not applaud the screenplay? Woody Allen definitely gave out his best shot.

Let's not forget the film's outstanding cinematography - truly capturing the beauty of Barcelona. It was perfect for the film and for the scenery of the location. Truly breath-taking.

The film stirred my interest in art and architecture. It made me think on attending a seminar or two. Why not? Nothing's too late.

It even lured me to, someday, be Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Yan si Nanay

Nanay, Ina, Mama,
Mommy, Inay, o kung anu pa
Anumang itawag ko sa kanya
Iisa ang mahalaga, mahal na mahal ko siya.

Hindi ako lumaki sa piling niya
Namulat sa buhay nang wala siya
Ilang pasko'ng mag-isa
Ngunit sa puso ko, siya lang ang nag-iisa.

Ang bawat tawag mo
Bawat sentimong pinapadala mo
Nais kong malaman mo
Lahat ng yun, sinuma'y walang makakatalo.

Hindi ko magawang magalit sayo,
Ultimo tampo'y wala sa isip ko,
Dahil lahat inako mo,
Lahat ng hirap, sayo'ng sayo.

Sa bawat pagod at hinagpis,
Sa lahat ng iyak at pawis,
Hayaan mo'ng ibalik ko,
Sa paraang alam at kaya ko.

Kaya sa araw na'to,
Gusto kong malaman mo,
Ma, sobra-sobra ang pasasalamat ko,
Sa lahat ng bagay na ginawa mo.

Ma, Happy Nanay day at sa lahat ng nanay sa mundo!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

DDB goes out to the public

Taken from Ako Mismo website. Click here for the link.

* * *

DDB's newest advocacy campaign has been getting a lot of attention to the agency's amazement. This has in fact given them more conviction to stand behind their cause and continue their crusade for positive change.

It's no surprise though that AKO MISMO is arousing a lot of people's interest. The commercial undeniably stirred very deep patriotic sentiments among the viewing public that immediately thousands went online to check the site and signed up to make commitments.

"We knew we had something great when we came up with the advocacy.", said Teeny Gonzales, Executive Creative Director of DDB, who heads up the creative team that conceptualized AKO MISMO. "That's because even among us, the message really resonated. It made us all look deep inside and say, 'No, we're not giving up hope.' " She said that they then went in search of possible partners for the cause and found the perfect one in PLDT/Smart Foundation.

Members of the team then went on another search. This time for the people who would breathe life into the campaign --- people who embodied the message or simply had the conviction to make a commitment to fight apathy. Thus the rich mix of showbiz celebrities, real life heroes as well as regular folk who spoke simply but sincerely in the TV commercial, bringing the point poignantly home.

Susan Dimacali, Vice-Chairman of DDB Group of Companies said, "We were overwhelmed with the positive response and people saying that the campaign made them realize that they should stop complaining and start doing their part. There were a lot who chose to put their cynicism aside and truly support the advocacy. It was amazing and touching reading the wall of commitments on the site. We're grateful for the support of our partners that has allowed us to reach more people and create a real impact."

DDB has, in the past, also supported and made campaigns for women's rights, the preservation of the environment, Caritas as well as responsible voting in the last local elections.

Many are asking what they can look forward to from AKO MISMO. John Lucas, Managing Director of Tribal DDB said, "There is a lot of clamor for the dog tag so, we hear you! We will be announcing soon how you can get those. There are activities lined-up which you also learn more about from the site."

Clearly, the DDB Team is upbeat and excited about their newest advocacy.
"That's because," Dimacali says, this is something really close to our hearts and something that, yes, we truly care about.

* * *

Finally, a word from the creators of Ako Mismo.

Now, everyone, including Garchiturena, can finally shut up.

Thanks DDB!

'I stand up for AKO MISMO' - Maxene Magalona

Reposting Maxene Magalona's note in her Facebook account. A very strong stand from Francis M.'s daughter.

* * *

I saw this on someone's Multiply site and just couldn't believe my eyes:

To all those that signed up with AKO MISMO!

You are now part of SMART telecoms network for potential campaigns in 2010.

The amount of information they have asked is so detailed that they can track you down to your zip code and contact you any time. In all my years of signing up for information I have never had a site require so much information AS REQUIRED FIELDS.

This makes for a perfect voter mapping database and campaign tool for anyone that wants to pay SMART for the information.

Did you think SMART would pay MILLIONS in production and advertising and talent costs for nothing?

If you refer to their privacy policy that no one ever reads, it states:

AKO MISMO MAY use the personal information you provide to:
• Contact you – either in response to a query or suggestion, or to mail newsletters, documents, publications, etc.
• “Remember” your online profile and preferences;
• Help you quickly find information that is relevant to you based on your interests, and help us create site contents most relevant to you;

In other words they can PUSH information to you which is an important tool in making sure that you can receive even unwanted campaign messages.

• Undertake statistical analysis.

They can use your answers to this PUSH for other mapping and trending purposes.

They also wash their hands of any person “accidentally” cracking the site and getting all your info. If you read privacy policy, again, which no one reads:

AKO MISMO shall not be liable under any circumstances for damages resulting from unauthorized use of information collected from visitors to the site.

AKO MISMO may change this privacy policy to reflect changes in the way we collect visitor information.

As a final warning, their privacy policy claims that you can still access this site even if you do not sign up (again from the privacy policy page):

What if I don’t want to provide personal information?

Providing personal information on the AKO MISMO web site is optional. If you choose not to provide personal information, you can still browse and use the AKO MISMO site, but you will not be able to carry out certain actions.

This is not true. None of the pages are viewable unless you have signed in. This is already a sure sign that their intent is to make you sign up and not just to make you a part of a youth reform activity.

A friendly piece of advice: Go back to the site and change your details please change all the details that pertain to AGE, SEX, and, LOCATION.

Also change your phone number if you like. This is to protect your privacy.

And remember you are still holding on to your pledge of participation in making our country great and they promise not to bar you from accessing the site even if you change your details so you will lose nothing but you will take back your security.

First of all, before I accepted this project, we made sure that this had nothing to do with political campaigns. And we were assured that it wasn't. I am shocked that people actually see this advocacy as something negative and corrupt. Instead of people seeing it as an improved way of the Filipino life, they choose to find something wrong with it. Sayang yung project.

Regardless if you receive campaign emails or not, it is up to you to decide on what to do. In a way, this campaign is also encouraging people, especially the younger generation, to register and VOTE. Just like the "Don't Vote" campaign in the US, the Ako Mismo org hopes to help in increasing the number of voters. We musn't be apathetic.

I am utterly appalled with the people who, in seeing the ad for the very first time, immediately thought negative simply because it was done in THE PHILIPPINES. Because of their lack of hope for the country, they can't get themselves to believe that WE actually made something like this. "Huh? Dito sa Pilipinas may ganyan? Imposible. May kapalit yan." Kaagad ganun na mag-isip. And these kinds of people are actually what make the Philippines seem hopeless. I mean, here is this movement, actually trying to make a difference in the Filipinos (since change begins with oneself) and instead of believing in it, there are some people who choose to put it down. I know that our country hasn't been improving much but come on, we can't just give up. We HAVE to take a stand. As the commercial says, poverty, inadequate education and insufficient jobs are not the main problems we are currently experiencing. The biggest problem that the Philippines is suffering from is its people's loss of hope. I thought that this ad would actually encourage the Filipinos to begin changing themselves by deciding not to give up. But now I can see that it isn't enough. And honestly, I don't think that anything will ever be good enough for the Filipinos. MASYADONG MARAMING REKLAMO. Nakakapagod na.

Oh well. I just really hope that you guys could give our country a chance. Wag tayo mawawalan ng pag-asa. :)

P.S. Smart denied these allegations. They simply pay for spots so that the ad would air. And with the billions of money SMART-PLDT makes, why would they need to make money out of this campaign? Tsk tsk.

This is nothing but a SINCERE project of DDB. What's in it for them, you ask? The improvement their ad makes in the Filipinos. The way they encourage the Filipinos to CHANGE. That's worth MORE than billions and gazillions of money. Check out their site here: As you can see, lagi sila gumagawa ng advocacies. GANUN TALAGA SILA. Hard to believe? Kasi ang Pinoy kailangan laging may kapalit.

* * *

I definitely agree with Maxene.

What we need is to fully erase the cynicism and negativity within Filipinos. It's eating us whole.

As she speaks loud about this, may the country hear her voice.

I am one with Maxene as she stands for AKO MISMO.

AKO MISMO lalaban para sa AKO MISMO.

* * *

Read the whole thread here:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The best birthday that was...

I know this might be quite late. But who cares? It's my birthday.

For those who doesn't know, I celebrated my birthday last May 3, 2009 in Circle Island Resort, Cavite.

What do I love about the celebration?

I had the best people there is to say it was the best - my friends. I owe every little thing there is for that celebration, from the food to the room rentals.

I so love them.

I celebrated my 2nd birthday with my partner with me. The gift was perfect. Even more than perfect.

I so love my partner.

TO THE BOND: Thank you so much for another remarkable event that you celebrated with me. It thrills me knowing that you will always be there for me - through ups and downs. Thank you for the love and the sincere friendship. I love you guys, from the bottom of my hypothalamus.

TO BEAU: I admit, I knew there was something you'll give me that day. But I was really surprised. More than the gift, thank you for loving me just the way I am. For second time around, you were there to celebrate my birthday with me. And I know, there is more to come. I love you so much, with all of me.

What do I 'not love' about my birthday?

It was knowing that my lola, who has the same birthdate as I have, is in the hospital during that time.

And as I told my friends, please do pray for my lola. Instead of them wishing for me, just wish the best for my lola.

Thank God. She's now out of the hospital. I'm just praying this will continue.

More of my birthday, next year.

Monday, May 4, 2009

AKO MISMO: Kaya mo 'to

While all eyes were on Pacquiao as he smashed Ricky Hatton right on his jaw, everyone suddenly talked about the hottest news in town - besides the Pacquiao story.

Ako Mismo.

They were flabbergasted, that includes me, when they suddenly saw Ely Buendia, Luis Manzano, Angel Aquino, Charice Pempengco, and Arnel Pineda talked real, talked AKO MISMO.

What is Ako Mismo?

From it's website, Ako Mismo is making a stand, making a choice, making your own decision. Causes that you, yourself, can do with willingness to make a clear, positive difference to yourself, fellowmen, and the country.

With Ako Mismo, you get to choose what commitment you are to do. No commitment is too small as long as you do it with pride, honesty, and nobility.

This is why...

Ako Mismo itatapon ang basura ko sa tamang sisidlan nito.

Ako Mismo boboto para sa pagbabago.

Ako Mismo magbabayad ng tamang buwis sa tamang panahon.

Ako Mismo! Ako Mismo! AKO MISMO!

Kaya ikaw, log on na sa para ikaw mismo makatulong sa pagbabago!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Turn RED

Screenshots from Mr. Friendly

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be filthy rich?

You Tube in the persona of RA Rivera makes you feel exactly the way you want to feel it.

What made this very controversial is the fact that RA Rivera agreed to portray such role. I know of RA as that silent type director, but I would never imagine him playing such roles.

Ramon Bautista could have been another option, but RA pulled this off.

I was then caught when Red Mobile suddenly appeared in the video. Now, that's a viral.

One good thing about this viral is it never mentioned the brand. Just a simple appearance and viola, it totally caught my attention.

I just hope this one would really catch everyone's attention.

Here's the link so you could judge it for yourself.


Turn RED!