Friday, January 30, 2009

The best Milk you'll ever have

Gay films equal sex.

That has always been the perception of many when talking about films of such genre. 

But Milk proved it wrong - from the screenplay down to the actors, it was the best gay film after Brokeback Mountain.

I was hesitant, at first, knowing the age gap between Sean Penn and James Franco. I couldn't barely imagine how they would look like in the big screen - kissing and caressing each other, it would be like sleeping with my father.

But both actors pulled it through.

Professionalism aside, both actors really have the chemistry on screen. You would notice how much they prepared themselves in portraying the role.

Though very depressing, you would come to realize how people in the past fought for the rights of homosexuals. Harvey Milk was one of those. His passion and drive for equality in his time gained homosexuals the respect they deserve today.

The treatment was really commendable. Harvey Milk telling the whole story of the film was not really new, but it was how they stitched the film into one strong masterpiece which will surely take you back to the time when gay murder cases are very rampant.

Add to that the very compelling ending of the film - the time when Harvey Milk died. May it be Sean Penn's acting or the director's story telling, either ways, it was really the best scene for me.

Milk has truly put up a great fight for the upcoming Academy Awards - making it harder for the people to decide on who should they call the best.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A new addition to the family

Dogs are truly a man's bestfriend.

They may appear to be the spirits of slaves and housemaids in the movie, The Golden Compass, they still remain to what I consider as the best creatures in the world.

Having said that, we will be having a new puppy. 

World meet Gucci - a pure breed Shi Tzu.
Isn't it great to hug a dog as cute and cuddly as Gucci when you are stressed at work?

Welcome to the family Gucci.

Rest assured, your mom and dad will take good care of you - the best possible way.
Your sisters will surely be stunned with your presence.

Enjoy your stay.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking back

When I was a child, driving a car was right at my fingertips.

It was about an hour before midnight of January 1, 2009. While everyone's mood was so festive, I was in my aunt's room, nostalgic.

I was looking at old photo albums. I saw my mom's shining smile. I also saw how I looked like when I was still 3 months old, I realized, how handsome I have become. (This is my blog entry, get it?hehe..)

I kept on ravaging the closet when I saw my old driving toy. 

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I played a driving toy before. Not dolls. Not Barbies. Not paper dolls. Not even doll houses. Driving toys.

Though almost dilapidated, it's still how I remembered it to be. Shining red bumper, bright yellow lights, and the roaring sound everytime I turn it on.

I then remembered, how I fought with my cousin when he tried to play with it while I was using it -imagine how rude can he get, on second thought, maybe I was just selfish - not.

This is how I remember my childhood days - full of blissful memories that nothing can ever replace. 

How about you?

How do you remember your childhood?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I dare you to dare me

What if you find yourself confused of what you should do in life?


What if you realize that what you are currently doing doesn't suffice both your happiness and contentment? Where do you go?

This is nothing new to me. It is neither something to brag about.

I am confused. And as the title says, yet again.

Since I stepped out of college, I always knew what I would want to become and would be doing for the rest of my life - write. And I know, advertising is the best industry that would stir challenge both my writing and creativity.

But where have I gone?

Was being in a media agency the best way to my dream?

I think so. 

Thank you, media, for opening a wider horizon for me and for my dreams. Thank you for being a special part of my career path. Where am I to go without you?

But it is high time I put my dreams to where they should be.

Now, I am ready.

I may not be the best there is. But I am willing to take the challenge.

Dare me.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Drugs and drug tests

Random drug test for high school students?

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo along side government agencies such as the Department of Education, Department of Health, and the Dangerous Drugs Board release a decree ordering a random drug test for students in the secondary level.

Now, am I not lucky?

Kidding aside. The order caused a big fuss all over the country. 

Some agreed. Some violently commented. Some remained silent.

According to the Commission of Human Rights, such order is a violation to human rights, and thus, it shouldn't be implemented. 

However, according to the Department of Education, this is not a compulsory and parents will also be involved in the process. A waiver will be signed by both parties, asking their [parents] permission to allow their child or children to be tested.

Personally, I am torn, whether or not I should support this move by the government. 

I disagree. Clearly, this is a violation of human rights - our right to privacy. Being the implementing body, the government should at all times respect this right. 

I agree, however, since this would be of great help especially to those students who are involved with illegal drugs. 

But, wouldn't this create a stigma and detrimental on our country's part?

So what if a bunch of students are positive of illegal drug usage? Wouldn't it be a shame for other countries to know that our high school students are using these drugs?

Think again.

It might be the best for us. But for us alone.

Monday, January 19, 2009

When getting an ink becomes a trend

Notes, ichtus, stars, and alibata - different designs, one purpose.

Nothing seemed to stop us that day. Everything was set. Even the weather agreed. Trembling, each was ready for that needle. 

One stroke was painful. Another is deathly. 

But we were unstoppable. We were inevitable. 

What made this day extra special is the fact that we were together on this. 

We were, of course, together in everything we do. But this day proved the pact our friendship will forever have. The bond that will keep us in tact.

It was like a trend for the team. If Legazpi and Sikatuna had their Sandugo in Bohol, we have our ink to prove the same - friendship and love.

* * *

Poetry aside, the pain was beyond my expectation. It was like cutting my back with a blade.

But after the pain, I suddenly craved for more. 

Yes, I was warned. More than smoking, tattoo is addictive. I proved it right. Now, I'm suddenly excited for my next tattoo session. I'm drooling for more.



What's my next design?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank you pressure

When do you know it's time to stop?

When do you say enough?

When do you realize that it should be over?

I am at the verge of falling apart. 

I am but the happiest with my love life.

I am blissful with my friends.

But there are things that I want to end.

Things that I am capable of doing, but unhappy of doing.

Pressure has been a part of my skeletal system.

It has been my oxygen, my vitamins, my life.

But now, unhappy as I am, I am about to overflow and puke.

Puke all the loads I have.

Puke all the pressure.

... and surrender.

I am a loser, you might say.

But I can't take it anymore.

Maybe because what I'm doing doesn't fit me.

Maybe because I'm, again, unhappy.

Maybe.. Maybe.. Maybe it's just me.

I still am hoping.

Hoping that time will come for my dreams to be made real.

I'll be a writer, soon.

And then I'll say, thank you pressure, you made me whole again.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jepoy Malinao is writing about Facebook.

The Facebook fever is on.

From the success of e-environment sites such as Friendster, MySpace, and Multiply came another note-worthy social network site called Facebook. 

Originally called The Facebook, Facebook was founded by former Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg along side Eduardo Saverin, his financial source. From what started to be just an exclusive site for the students of Harvard, Facebook has now become an online phenomenon, gathering 8 million people in the United States alone. 

From its formal launch on 2004, what has Facebook become?

I personally call it, "God-like status," due to its high public demand. It has achieved that certain level wherein everyone is literally talking about it - and I mean, everyone.

From employees to TV personalities, Facebook has become every mouth's word. Worst, it has been the source of rumors for both private and public figures. 

I had this encounter with a friend wherein he changed his status from being married to single. And I tell you, it caused rumors around the office - only to find out that he changed it just for the heck of it. 

I am not standing clean here. I, too, am a member of the site and what interests me is its ability to provide you the people you might know. You find your professors, your former classmates, and even your librarian.

With it's status box, you can tell what you feel right at the very moment you feel it. Like any other sites, you upload photos, tag your friends, and comment as many as you want or you can. 

With its success, Facebook will surely come a long way. 

However, I just hope we don't get ourselves in trouble for this innovation - just like what technology does in our life, a painful convenience.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Maraming nang nagbago
Maraming nang umalis
Maraming nang-iwan
Ang iba nama'y lumihis

Ang akala mo'y masaya
Yun pala, malungkot
Akala mo ngiti
Yun pala, luha ang dulot

Araw ng kapaskuhan,
Habang nagpuputukan 
Pakiwari'y tuwa ang dala
Yun pala, kalungkutan

Hindi mo inaasahan ang lahat
Hindi mo ninais man lang
Hindi mo kahit naisip
Hindi mo inaakalang hanggang don na lamang

Ngunit hindi pa ito ang katapusan
Ng masaya mo'ng buhay
Andyan ang kapamilya't kaibigan
Tutulangan ka, buhay ay lalagyan ng kulay

Marami nang nagbago
Marami nang umalis
Maraming nang-iwan
Pero ang Diyos, hindi kelanman aalis

*** This I dedicate to a girl who loved and lost. What you are going through right now is just a mere part of your being. However, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. You will find someone better, someone who will love you the way you should be loved. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Alibata, Wings, and Tattoo

It just came to me one fine day inside the four corners of our office.

Why not get myself a tattoo? One that would perfectly identify and represent me. So I decided to use my name, but with what design. 

I reflected over the weekend and voila! Why not use the ancient Filipino writing, alibata? That would be very interesting.

It would not only represent ancient Philippines, but it will bore unto my skin the name I'll forever carry, Jepoy.

However, something suddenly came to me. How about a pair an angel's wings? It would best represent my long-term plan - soar as high as I can, fly as high as my wings can.

Now, I am torn by these designs. But definitely, it'll definitely be between the two - angel's wings or alibata. On second thought, why not angel's wings and alibata? Nah!

* * *

Yes, I'm decided to have a tattoo. But I'm still wondering why a lot of people can't get enough of tattoos?

Is it because of the colors? the ink? the pain? or the painful pleasure?

If you would ask me, my primary reason for now is to have something new within my being. And a tattoo is the perfect solution for my novelty craving. I thought so.

Whatever the reason others may have, one thing's for sure, it's their love for the arts and novelty that brings them to their decision - get a tattoo.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Curiosity, at its best

How curious can you get?

This was the question I asked myself when I learned about the film. Before watching, I never had any idea on what it is about - not a single string of fact about it. 

Not until my partner told me an effortless synopsis of the film. There, curiosity stirred even harder - it didn't kill the cat.

* * *

Having read the story minutes before writing this blog entry, there are, like any other adaptation, certain parts changed. And I am but immuned to such treatment. Directors have their own ways in interpreting. 

There might be slight changes from Fitzgerald's writings to Fincher's roll of film but I can't deny the almost seamless adaptation of the film, making it more pleasing to the audience. Even I, who haven't read the story, didn't have a hard time understanding the flick.

For those who doesn't know, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a life story of a man who is born with a one-in-a-million deficiency, a disease no one ever understood or dared explain. He was born old, and as he aged, he looked younger, creating bizarre and really out-of-this world consequences to his life and to the people around him.

I should applaud the renowned screen writer Eric Roth for the insiring and, as I said, almost seamless screenplay. Every line uttered by the actors seem to be a quotation worth remembering. 

Each shot was picturesque; each shot added a vibrant feeling to the audience, captured each eyes and held on to it until the very end. The cinematography was, without a doubt, excellent - making the film an interesting treat.

Of course, the production design was also commendable. The film, set in the early 60's to the 21st century, had a smooth flow and change of set design - superior, I should say.

Who would ever forget the undeniably breath-taking make-up? Imagine turning a 40-year-old Cate Blanchett to a 20-year-old astonishing and ravishing woman? Brad Pitt, as good looking as he is, was even turned to an aging man but not removing the look of a Brad Pitt. 

Note-worthy, as well, are the actors and actresses comprising the film. Cate Blanchett is truly a Hollywood treasure, her award-winning acting would leave a mark to the audience, making them remember the only actress who would best portray the role. Brad Pitt is truly an eye candy, the acting? Superb! However, blame it to his looks, the acting wasn't almost noticed. 

* * *

My curiosity was truly paid off. As what I told to my friend, I haven't felt as ecstatic as I am now towards the film since Titanic. 

Bravo to the cast and crew of the film. Job superbly done.

I can't wait until the Academy Awards. Where are the bets?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

10 things I want to do this 2009

After writing the ten things that people need to know about me, in the spirit of new year, the year of the ox, I thought, why not write about my plans for 2009. 

Ox with their horns are equipped with strength and courage, thus, the list below will be more of the mentioned adjectives.

1. I hope to work in my dream job this year. Again, for those who doesn't know, my long time dream job is to be a copywriter. So, anyone who knows any job opening? 

2. I'd love to travel the country this year. Well, not really all the provinces, but the interesting ones. Included in the list would probably be Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Siargao, Anilao, Lanuza and if I continue I wouldn't surely stop.

3. For my birthday this year, I do hope I could celebrate it this time with my Lola. For those who doesn't know, I have the same birthday with my grandmom and since she's now old, it would mean a lot to her if I'd celebrate it with her. 

4. I plan to learn how to surf, and a friend will help me. I just hope I'd still be alive after. 

5. I'll be fitter this year - a little minus on the vices and unhealthy diet. I'll be going to gym this year - take away the fats, gain up the muscles.

6. If finances would allow me, I hope to try bungee jumping or sky diving this year. I have long been waiting for such experience, I think this is the best time.

7. I hope I can travel even just one country this year. I don't really care what country it is, what's important is for me to breathe a different smell of air, see a different breed of people, and eat delicacies that I don't eat here in the country.

8. Since I mentioned that I wanted to be a mermaid, I hope to have my very first scuba diving session in Palawan. I really am looking forward to this since it isn't everyday that I get to be with my most beloved creatures.

9. Get myself a tattoo? How about a pierce? I don't really know but I want something new in my look this year. Well, aside from the hair color I just had. 

10. By this year's Christmas and New Year, I hope to celebrate it with my mom. It has been 10 years since I greeted her Merry Christmas personally. 

I am really excited on what's in store for me in this year of the ox. 

But I know, this is my year - my time to shine.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

10 things you might not know about me

I got the inspiration in writing this blog through an office mate. Then I thought, with her permission, why not write my own list.

Here goes the list of 10 things you might not know about me:

1. I always dreamt to be a mermaid. Blame it to Ariel and my love for the beach. I love to be one so much that back in my childhood days, I always wear the pillow case similar to that of the mermaid, and move or swim like a mermaid.

2. I was an altar boy back in elementary and high school years. I was with my cousin. Can you imagine me in that white cloth similar to that of the priest? Imagine.

3. I was a fan of Jolina Magdangal-Marvin Agustin films way way back when Jolina still wore his pink hair. Maybe it was the chemistry, or the film itself - or maybe it was just me. I don't know.

4. When I grow fat, the first thing you'll notice is my big tummy. Damn! I am a beer drinker, yes, but it turns out that my beer drinking habit is not just the reason why my tummy bloats. Again, damn it!

5. I love to eat with soy sauce, vinegar, and chili as my appetizer. It explains my big tummy.

6. I talk and grind while sleeping. I can't believe I'm saying these things. Yes! I snore. Satisfied? Good thing I don't sleep walk. Or so I thought.

7. My grandmom and I went to Japan when I was two, I cried so hard and so loud when I saw the airplane. According to my lola, I came to a point where I was pulling my lola, stopping us from riding the plane. How ignorant can I get!

8. The silliest dream I ever had was when I was hit by a gun on my tummy when I was on my way home. My mom fetched me from school, and guess what? I wasn't even in pain, not an inch. I didn't even tell my mom. How silly!

9. My toe corresponding to my thumb is smaller than the toe next to it. Folklore says that with these kinds of toes, I'll be rich. *Toes crossed*

10. I always get the biggest pimple there is on my nose, thanks to my Mom's genes!

There goes the list. I could write more but I promised only 10.
It's not as if I'm Kris Aquino, right?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Beers, karaoke, and dimsum

"You may travel the world, but nothing compares to what you call...HOME."

No word would ever describe the fun I had with Davao.

It was like going through a photo album where you see your family and friends - laughing with every moment you had, enjoying every memory you once had.

For once, I thought I was a foreigner in a land where I grew up. And it's never a good thing, not even nice. 

Malls are sprouting all over the city, buildings continuously rise, and taxi cabs of all colors run around the city - these are some of the changes that occurred during my absence. But everything remained the totally the same which I liked, by the way, because it made me feel nostalgic.

Two weeks was not enough to satisfy myself with Davao's cool breeze, fun people, and exciting sights (all sorts of sights...hehehe). But two weeks was enough for me to reminisce the best things that happened to me in this magical land.

My lola was the happiest being with her to celebrate the holidays. Not coming home for almost a year made her really depressed especially that I grew up with her and celebrating both Christmas and New Year with her made us both the happiest persons alive. 

I was able to cope up with my cousins - the happenings in their lives, the things I need to know, and the truths about me. What made this vacation even better is that I assured my cousins that I may not be there physically, but whenever they need me, I'll find ways just to help them.

I got the chance to meet my friends. Bottles and bottles of beers were witnesses to our chatting and laughing - collating all the fun times we had together. 

I miss those guys - I miss the laughters, the games, the drinking sessions, the crying moments, everything. And it pains me whenever I think of them together in Davao, always spending time together. Argh!

And the list continues.

I just can't wait for my next homecoming. 

And rest assured, it would be another worth-noting trip to the land I call HOME!