Thursday, February 25, 2010

EDSA Revolution lives on

I am no EDSA baby.

But the rich history of EDSA Revolution amazes me.

The people.

The shout.

The passion.

Everything about EDSA is an apple of my eyes.

I love the abstract concept of EDSA that I even wanted it to happen again.

Now, 24 years after, do we still have that fervent spirit to fight against the government's crime and corruption?

Elections is fast approaching.

We see TV spots of candidates running for a certain position.

We see tarpaulins around the city.

We even now hear jingles as irritating as it can be.

And I think the spirit of EDSA will live through the coming elections.

I believe that such spirit will spark amidst all these and ignite that righteous thought to vote for who is the best person to sit as our next president.

There will always be that attempt to fabricate the results.

But I know today's Filipinos will stand up for what is right.

Amidst all the adversaries in our country, I still believe that when the situation calls for it, the Filipinos will still unite along EDSA to fight for what they believe.

Filipinos will still raise their voice as high as they can for the government to hear them.

Filipinos can still put down a president.

I believe in you Pinoy.

I believe in you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Run on the rugged side

I have been stale for years now, fitness-wise.

I tried doing it again this year.

I don't know if my metabolism is still that fast but it's worth a try.

To all you fitness gaga out there, here's Merrell Adventure Run. Details of the event is on the photo.


Friday, February 12, 2010

I have a SHOE story to tell

It was a very fine Monday morning.

I woke up early.

I went jogging.

I ate my sumptuous breakfast.

A perfect start to a fantabulous week (despite the loads and loads and loads of work).

I took a bath.

Dressed up.

It was just right until I noticed something wrong with my favorite pair of shoes.

The sole's ripping off.

What a Monday, I thought.

Confident as I am, I went out of the house clutching with me my daily professional needs, wearing my ripping-off shoes.

I went from one store to another to find a temporary remedy, rugby.

Unfortunately, no one sells even a drop of it.

I was losing hope.

Suddenly, seemingly a gift from the heavens, a blessing from above, it was as if God saw my suffering, a shoe repairman seated on one corner of our street with his paraphernalia.

I hurried towards him.

Had my shoes repaired.

And out of nowhere I asked, "Madalas po ba kayo dito manong?"

He answered, "Ngayon lang, napadaan lang,"

I replied, "Hulog ka ng langit,"

"Done," he said.

With a smile on my face, I flew off.

I then thought, it's 10:30am, "You're late, Cyprus! RUN!"

Monday, February 8, 2010

Kaibigan mo lang ako

BUJOY: Nagpromise ka sakin na hindi ka malelate.

NED: Kaya ako nalate dahil sinundo ko pa si Mary Ann.

BUJOY: Nagpromise ka rin sa akin na hindi mo isasama ang Mary Ann na yan.

NED: Okay, kaya ko sinama si Mary Ann kasi mag-on na kame. At syempre ikaw ang gusto kong ikaw ang unang makaalam nun dahil ikaw ang bestfriend ko.

BUJOY: Get out of my way.

NED: Hindi ka ba masaya para sa akin.

BUJOY: Get out of my way.

NED: Bujoy, hindi ba ito ang gusto mo?

BUJOY: I said, get out of my way!

NED: Ano bang nangyayari sayo?

BUJOY: Wala kang pakealam!

NED: Hindi na kita maintindihan e

BUJOY: Kelan mo ba ako inintindi?

NED: Direchuhin mo nga ako, dahil hindi ko kayang basahin kung anung andiyan sa utak mo. Kung galit ka sabihin mo sakin, sabihin mo sakin kung bakit. Kung nasaktan kita, sampaling mo ako, sige gantihan mo ako. Matatanggap ko lahat dahil kaibigan mo ako.

BUJOY: Oh yes kaibigan mo ako. KAIBIGAN MO LANG AKO. And that’s all I ever was to you Ned. Your bestfriend. Takbuhan mo kapag may problema ka. Tagasunod, tagabigay ng advice. Taga-enroll, taga-gawa ng assignment. Taga-pagpatawa sa iyo kapag nalulungkot ka. Taga-tanggap ng kahit ano. AND I’M SO STUPID TO MAKE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF FALLING IN LOVE WITH MY BESTFRIEND. Dahil kahit kailan, hindi mo naman ako makikita e. Kahit kailan hindi mo ako kayang mahalin na higit pa sa isang kaibigan.

NED: Bujoy!

BUJOY: Ngayong alam mo na, I think you can get out of my life.

NED: Bujoy, mahal kita. Mahal na mahal kita kaya siguro duwag ako. Kung magkarelasyon tayo, pano kung masaktan kita. Baka pati ikaw Bujoy na kaibigan ko mawala pa. Bujoy, hindi kita kayang mawala sa buhay ko.

BUJOY: Anong gusto mong sabihin ko Ned? Anong gusto mong maramdaman ko? Mahal mo ako pero hindi mo naman kayang ipaglabang ang pagmamahal mo sakin. Gusto mong maniguro. NED HINDI KA LANG ISANG DUWAG, MAKASARILI KA.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Buwan ng Wika sa buwan ng Enero

Matagal na rin akong hindi nakakapagsulat ng Filipino.

Kahit ba sabihin nating ito ang pangunahing linggwaheng ginagamit ko sa araw-araw, iba parin ang pakiramdam na makapagsulat gamit ang sarili mong wika.

Hindi naman siguro masama na kahit minsan, balikan mo ang pinaglakhan mong wika.

Kumusta naman kaya ako pagkatapos ng dalawang buwan kong pagtrabaho bilang manunulat?


Yun naman talaga ang importante sakin e.

Mahirap, sa kabilang dako.

Dahil hindi sapat ang kinikita ko.

Pero alam ko namang darating ako dun.

One step at a time, ika nga.

Sa ngayon, nagpapakalango na lang muna ako sa trabaho.

Hanggang dumating ang panahon na masasabi ko'ng, ito na yun.

Pero sana po Panginoon ko, dumating na siya sa lalong madaling panahon.

Pressure ba Lord? :)