Friday, June 26, 2009

A legend dies

It was as sudden as the wind.

I was still walking through dreamland when a text message from a friend in the United States texted me, "Michael Jackson dies of cardiac arrest."

I thought, another story-telling-lies. And went on with my dreaming.

The noise of our television then woke me up, just in time for me not to be late for work.

Henry Omaga-Diaz, our local news anchor, then announced the death of the King of Pop at 50 years old. Now, tell me, am I still dreaming, I thought.

But no, I am awake, my eyes wide open.

Who would know MJ?

From his oh-so-out-of-this-world music videos to his remarkable songs, Michael Jackson has captured the world and held it on his hands.

Literally, the world went crazy over him. I just don't know if it's his looks or his music.

With all honesty, I love his music.

I love the way how I dance with every beat he produces, a wild rhythm put together to create magic. He is a true icon, legendary at that.

My officemate even said, "Music won't be music without Michael Jackson,"

True enough.

There wouldn't be Usher, Luther Van Dross, or 98 Degrees without MJ.

The world will surely miss MJ. I will surely miss him.

He may not be here on earth physically, but his music will resound through all generations.

May you rest in peace.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's day woes

DISCLAIMER: I do not intend to be emotional here. This is just what I feel as of this writing.

* * *

Where do you usually spend Father's day?

A movie with the whole family? a dinner date? Or even just a simple dining at home?

I wish I could spend such day with my father.

I've been living for 22 years now, and for that very long existence, I haven't celebrated even a single Father's day with my father.

Not a single movie date. Not a single dine-out. Not a single day with him.

Beyond the thought that my father left us without leaving a single word, I still am hoping to meet him one day - to at least see him in person.

I ain't asking for any money, not a single cent in my name.

I just want to meet him - to see him face-to-face.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's not just a gadget, it's a lifestyle

Below's my entry to MTV Asia's Blogger Contest. Read on and if you like, which i know you will *wink*, please do vote for it. To vote, click here.

* * *

We just can't deny the fact that technology is immensely moving our lives forward.

From the pagers we used to hang on our belts gazillion years before up to the latest iPhone 3Gs from Apple, technology has truly become not just a gadget in our bucket list, but definitely a lifestyle.

With all the gadgets coming out, what would be the singlemost greatest invention of the 21st century?

Was it the Apple Macbook Air, as thin as an envelope? Was it the internet that connects us all over the globe? Was it Japan’s robodog?

I say it’s the technology we call, mobile phone, cellphone, cellular phone, or whathaveyous.

You can do just about anything, everything with your mobile phone.

From just mere calling and texting, you can now have a full access on the World Wide Web at the tip of your fingers. Update your Plurk, Facebook, and Twitter status, blog the latest ins and outs, or even download Kris Allen’s No Boundaries with your mobile phone.

Throw away that old and rowdy alarm clock, stuck those planners in your closets, and keep your mp3 music players to rest, leave it all to your mobile phones, you won’t need those.

I agree with what most people say, even the simplest mobile phone is no longer a need, it has become a part of our life, a lifestyle, at that.

So the next person who tells you that your phone is just a meagre cell phone, slap him on his face, slap him really hard and say, “Nobody says bad things against my partner,”

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Araw ng Kalayaan, Araw ng mga Dog Tags

Ramon Bautista and Mark Abaya, segment hosts, with Say Alonzo and Sitti.

Doing what she does best, Nikki Gil offers her hosting to Ako Mismo.

The youth just loves him, Ramon Bautista is truly an eye-candy.

And so if I didn't watch E-head's Final Set, thanks Ako Mismo, it was worth more than that.

An addition to the list, Bamboo rocks the whole event.

Mark Abaya
Don't you want him home? Nah! Ira Cruz captivates the audience with his guitar powers.

He just looks good. Agree?

DDB Cares once again proved that the youth can stand up for what is just and right for the country.

Ako Mismo moved the country by launching the Ako Mismo Dog Tag Day - gathering more than 20,000 youth from north, south, west, and east of Luzon.

The event aimed to sell the oh-so-famous Ako Mismo Dog Tags at a meager price of 40 pesos, where selected charity foundations will benefit the sales.

Guess what? More than 40,000 dog tags were sold that night plus the 100,000 plus sales the next day.

PLDT, Smart, and the rest of the partner establishments truly saw the worthy effort they contributed to the organization who's now becoming a household name more than Tayong Dalawa and Zorro.

Everyone's just looking forward to what is ahead Ako Mismo.

Should they go to Cebu? Davao? and other provinces? What do you think?

I think.

The organization should remain true to its purpose - to invite the youth and the whole nation to stand up for the country's welfare, it's high time we change, and it should start within us.

Ako Mismo... aabangan ang mga susunod pang kabanata ng Ako Mismo.

Monday, June 15, 2009

On your 22nd year

Happiness came when the sun rose on the 14th of June in the year 1987.

And as the years passed, the world witnessed how a lovable and adorable person such as you grew up to be a sturdy and will-driven man.

On your 22nd year, here's a gift that I hope you'd love to read and continue reading.

* * *

Kulang ang salamat kung tutuusin
Sa ligaya'ng dulot mo sakin
Sa bawat tawa at halakhak
Sa lahat ng luha at iyak

Maraming salamat!

Mula nang ika'y makilala,
Buhay ay puno ng saya.
Sa araw-araw na ginawa ng Diyos,
Pasasalamat ko ay lubus-lubos.

Maraming salamat!

Kaya's sa ikalawampu't dalawa mong kaarawan,
Pinagdarasal ko lamang ay iyong kaligayahan.
Sa iyong pagdating sa aking buhay,
at sa mga taon pang darating,

Maraming maraming salamat!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cooked just the way you want it

Playfish comes out with another virtual game to appease your boredom and stress.

From Word Challenge to Farm Town, Facebook applications have always been a staple food in one's dish since the said SNS came out in the open. It hit the online world like a hurricane.

Now comes, Restaurant City.

Just when you thought you can never have your own restaurant, think twice. Restaurant City will make it happen for you, just the way you like it.

Hire the best cooks, waiters and cleaners from the list of friends you have. But of course, you have to take of them like what real employees need.

You can build our own restaurant through the available furniture in the game - you can change the wallpaper, choose a stylish roof, put the best tiles, and a whole lot more.

Create your own menu and visit other restaurants available within your street.

Truly one great world of restos.

I am even hooked up, obsesses, addicted. It's one addiction you'll never get arrested with.

Who knows?

It's one dream you never realized.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Career move or career suicide?

Rumors have been going around online and offline regarding Adam Lambert's sexuality. Pictures and videos were all over the place even during the American Idol Season 9.

However, just this month, Adam Lambert officially announced to the public, via an interview in Rolling Stone, the truth regarding his sexuality - that he is gay, homosexual, a member of the third sex, or what-have-yous.

This entry aims to answer the question posted by an article in Yahoo! (Click here to read the article).

Will Adam Lambert's Rolling Stone interview hurt or help his career?

Personally, I think this is a very bold move for Lambert whose plan is not to advocate gay rights, but to entertain people through his vocal powers, according to him.

However, this move can be both good and detrimental to his singing career.

Good. Why?

People might see the confession as a very honest thing for Lambert to do. And if they bite the hotdog, Lambert might continue to become the next Elton John.

The next best thing that his confession might bring him is the fact that it liberalized him, though he didn't really hid his sexuality from the public - he just didn't say anything about it.

Detrimental. Why?

We have to face the fact that homosexuality is still a stigma in our society, gays are still marginalized. This same fact might be the underlying reason Lambert didn't win the Idol.

Where would this leave Lambert?

We are yet to find out.

But two thumbs up, Adam.

There's no braver thing to do, but to free yourself from those chains .

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ded over Ded na si Lolo

It was one powerhouse cast, one excellent screenplay, one talented director, and one great masterpiece.

To start off, the trailer served its purpose - to tease the audience of what is to be expected from the film. From the trailer, I had high expectations of the film, which I think is a wrong attitude as a spectator.

But I know, Soxie Topacio and the cast won't disappoint me.

And truly, they didn't.

The cast is one of the most powerful element of the film. The legends, the creme de la creme of the film industry collaborated to produce an exceptional material.

It was definitely refreshing to see Roderick Paulate back in his campy gay role. Remember OkiDok days? It's back with a more powerful portrayal of the same role, set in a different mood and environment which exuded his acting powers.

Elizabeth Oropesa is someone to look forward to in this film. We know of how great 'La Oro' is as an actress, but in this comic flick, you'll see how the 2000 Famas Best Actress for Bulaklak ng Maynila does it the way she wants it, the best way she can.

Another star in the film is the four-time Urian Best Actress, Gina Alajar. What made her acting remarkable is her seemingly extraordinary portrayal prowess that exudes from her naturally.

And, oh, that gravitationally challenged lady? No less than, Manilyn Reynes, another eye-candy of the film. She's back in a remarkable role which she does best, comedic nagging and great timing.

Fueled by a powerful screenplay, Ded na si Lolo delivered to the audience what a typical Family goes through in life - from birth to death, with the myths and all.

I am not saying this would be award-winning, but one thing's for sure, Ded na si Lolo is worth watching.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kiss my CON-ASS

I have been innocent about CON-ASS until last Friday. Bandila's segment on House Resolution 1109 evangelized me.

Where do I start?

Constitutional Assembly or CON-ASS has been an issue in the country for 10 or 13 years now, if I'm not mistake.

The senate used to handle the issue, but according to one of the senators, they passed it on to the congress since they are handling too much that they can't handle the implementation of the said assembly.

CON-ASS aims to adopt constitution different from what we have at present. Thus, implementing the so called Charter Change which will change our system of government from Democratic to Parliamentary.

According to some political experts, this will lengthen or extend the stay of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

However, according to her excellency, if the change shall be done, she will not be extending her throne.

There would always be promises left broken. And we are witnesses of such for years and years and years now.

The nation is just scared of political promises. We are sick of that.

Where would this lead the country?

According to the present government, this will lead us to better political situation, to a more progressive and free country. But really, would this be a better solution to all these problem? Wouldn't this cause an outbreak of more problems than one? More problems that what we have on hand?

I stand against CON-ASS. I say no to CHA-CHA.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Part of that world

Ariel has become a part of my childhood.

I'm not talking about Ariel of 'Ariel and Maverick, not even Gelli de Belen's husband, Ariel Rivera.

Remember that flipping, quirky girl who once sang us to bed with her song, "Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun. Wondering free, wish I could be, part of that world,"?

Would you ever forget Flounder and Sebastian, her very loyal friends?

You got it right. She's Princess Ariel.

And just when I thought I could never do the flipping-under-the-sea moves, I was totally wrong.

My trip to Boracay paved way for a dream come true.

I may not have those fins.

Guess what?

I had helmets, instead.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where do you go when you're broke?

The situation.

You are broke.

You want a massage that will soothe your tensed muscles.

Where do you go?

Asian Massage to the rescue.

Existing for years now, Asian Massage offers a wide array of stylized massage depending on your mood and what you want, letting you experience it the Asian way.

Situated in the heart of Malate (though they also have branches in Espanya and Makati), the place's ambience brings solemnity and serenity in one roof through a very calming music plus a very warm staff.

They also offer home service, they're a phone call away. An L300 van will deliver the masseur right at your doorstep.

However, the place is freezing cold. Or maybe it was just because of the rain. I don't know.

Of course, you all end up soothingly satisfied with the good-looking masseur caressing your back.


Forget it.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Trip to Paradise

If you ask me how did I see Boracay?

These photos will definitely explain how.

It was not just a trip to an island. It was a trip to paradise that only Philippines can offer.

Bear with me. It was my first.

The sand, as what Jasmine Trias said, pinong-pino.

The beach was as clear as crystal.

The party was unfamiliarly different.

The people were warm.

The trip was uber fun.

I want more.

Let's go back for more.