Friday, November 28, 2008

Twilight, revisited

I planned of reading the book first before watching the film.
So, I hope this quasi-review of the film would be enough
to surpass your expectations - assuming you have such to me.


* * *

I am not really a big fan.
I am not Ms. Toni Tiu whose blog is really so TWILIGHT-ized (Sorry for citing you Ms.Toni =)).

Well, I read the book until the first time Bella dreamt of Edward.
And it was a different tingling feeling reading it for the very first time.

However, I couldn't compare it from Harry Potter since both have 
different plots, settings, and nature - though both female writers should
be acknowledged for such world-renowned masterpieces.

We know of vampires as those eerie fictional characters who bite necks
and suck blood. And in return, the one they bit would become a vampire.
A folklore that has long frightened me since childhood.

But reading the first few chapters of the book left in me an anticipation 
towards the thrilling and exciting relationship of a human and immortal.

Since schedule and finances didn't allow me to read and buy the book.
I decided to watch the film first, and read the book later.

* * *

After watching the film with my partner, it took time for me to
fully immerse myself with it. 

He was telling me that he didn't like it. I felt otherwise.

Its treatment was different with the usual Hollywood films I watch.
Maybe because it's low in budget, some didn't really liked the way
the director did it. But for me, it was a whole new Hollywood film experience - 
innovative would be the perfect word. It was like watching an independent film.
I just hope the director continue this through New Moon.

The cinematography was not even seamless, but it was appealing enough
for a vampire film. The director captured the action, rush, and romance
that the audience should feel while watching the film.

The screenplay made its way to my heart.
Hardwicke ensured that every line in every scene is memorable -
truly worth the long wait. She guaranteed that every word uttered would put
meaning to the true essence of the film.

I felt the rush especially on the baseball scene.
When Alice prophesied that the nomads were about to arrive,
I felt my blood racing through my veins as if I was part of 
the Cullen-Hale family. My heart even throbbed - believe me on this.

It was funny the first time I saw the vampires' make-up.
A spectator even commented, "Para silang nag-Chin Chan Soo,"
But I got used to it throughout the film.

Robert Pattinson was perfect as Edward Cullen. 
Maybe because while reading, I already imagined him to be Edward. 
While watching him the first time Bella sat beside him during their Biology class,
the agitation and anxiousness was really hilarious.

Kristen Stewart was a beautiful sight.
I admit, the acting was a bit awkward. It's as if it was her first time.
But the kissing scene was sensual in its most exquisite way.
And then I realized, I can't think of any Bella but Kristen.

I love how the director made the film a little funny.
Especially when Edward pretended to be sleeping while Bella
was on the hospital bed. Another remarkable scene was when Bella and 
Edward pretended to be quarreling. 

* * *

Twilight created a world for us, humans, that made me
wanting to be part of it. It eradicated the fear of vampires in me.

It made me want to jump like a vampire.
Look like a vampire.
Live for years like a vampire.
Eat like a vampire.
Run fast like a vampire.
Everything in me like a vampire.

Twilight is a great way to end the year.
A great way, indeed.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Of course you know about Gossip Girl.
Who doesn't, right?

For those who don't, Gossip Girl is the latest hit of THE CW
featuring New York upper east side high school students 
caught in teenage issues - drugs, sex, homosexuality, 
alcohol, love and the list goes on.

Starred by the hottest actors and actresses such as
Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, and Leighton Meester.

To start, I really didn't have the interest with the series.
I thought, before, that it wouldn't match the success of 
Sex and the City, Grey's Anatomy, or Prison Break.

But one boring weekend, I was bedazzled by the series' unique
treatment matched with gorgeous actors that stirred my 
sleeping brain cells - stressed, at that.

Maybe because of the American youth culture,
you could hardly imagine how these high school students
experience problems that, in the Philippines, only adults do.

However, on the brighter side, this lured me more to finish the first season.

It was not at all bad; it was even better than I expected.
It may not be your Carrie Bradshaw or Michael Scowfield,
but it's your next big thing considering the young cast.

I love Leighton Meester's bitchy yet lovable
character as Blair Waldorf. With her attitude, you'll love to hate her,
yet hate to love her.

Serena Van Woodsen (Blake Lively) and Dan Humphrey's (Penn Badgley)
love affair adds spice to the series especially the latter's innocent yet
aggressive character - his intelligence and wit totally attracts me, and that was
so gay of me. The twists and turns of their TV relationship 
makes the series more interesting to watch. 

Chace Crawford, the cutie hunk next door, stars as Nate Archibald who's 
involved in a relationship with Blair but is in love with Serena. However, during 
the first season, his character ended as interesting as the others.

Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), the richest of them all, contributes to
an even more interesting Gossip Girl first season. His playboy yet reliable 
character makes girls watching the series fall in love with him.
On second thought, maybe it's his wealth. I don't know.

And who would forget Gossip Girl?
The "god" of the series. She practically knows every little thing
that's happening around upper east side without revealing who
she really is - a well-thought and effective mnemonic device that
makes it more appealing to watch.

I should applaud the rest of the cast who are not just supporting
actors but totes up to my high expectations for the second season.

Kudos to Gossip Girl's first season success - though the second is
now running in the US. 

I cant wait to have a copy. Prepare the way Quiapo. =)

You know you love me.

Gossip Girl

Monday, November 24, 2008

Seeking refuge

To where, 
To whom,
To what,
Do I seek refuge?

From where I am standing,
I seem to drift apart.
From my point of view,
I seem to meander.

Darkness lurks within me,
Light is out of my sight,
Hope has long abandoned me,
Where am I to go?

I am about to surrender,
I am at the verge of retreating.
I am losing my thread,
I am bleeding, hopeless, and insane.

But then You came,
You gave me hope,
You lit my way
You were there.

It was You who lifted me high,
It was You who accepted me,
It was You who cleansed me,
It was You, only You.

Thank You...
That's all I can say,
Thank You...
There's nothing more I can say.

Thank You, Father Almighty.

Friday, November 21, 2008


The most talked-about movie-event of the year is coming to town on November 26, 08
and I just can't stop thinking, will the movie suffice the
thrill of the novel?

Honestly, I am not really a huge fan of the novel.
I first heard it when my officemate mentioned it in one of our clumsy talks.
And from there, I was intrigued.

In one of my lunch breaks, I took time to log on to Google
and typed TWILIGHT.

There I saw not just thousands, but millions of results -
from blogs to reviews, from photos to artworks.
Truly, the world is TWILIGHTized.

I decided, then, to join the bandwagon.
Besides, Cedric Diggory turned Edward Cullen actor
Robert Pattinson is in the film, making it more "dazzling"
in my eyes. He was not at all bad in Harry Potter.

Kristen Stewart, playing Bella Swan, adds to the expectations
I have for Twilight. I could remember her young acting in Zathura
and Panic Room, and she's something to look forward to.

Both artists stir my interest making me want to watch it
on its premiere.

Before the film premieres this week, I hope to finish the novel.
Thanks to a very reliable technology, I grabbed a copy of it
via an eBook - though I would want to own a hard/softbound copy of it soon.

The world has high expectations for this film.
I just hope the film fulfills it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

More than winning Oscars

Another blessing.
Another feat.
Another step towards our big dream.

Rainbow, along with other shorts from Letran, 
once again made its Alma Mater proud.

Cultural Center of the Philippines, for twenty years now, has been 
recognizing award-winning independent films 
throughout the country via Cinemalaya and Gawad CCP Film and
Video Competition.

This year, they launched 20th Gawad CCP Film and Video Competition
which gathered more than 30 films from both student and professional

And proudly, Rainbow, this year, is a part of this annual event.

* * *

We have big dreams for Rainbow. 
And little by little, we are seeing these dreams into reality.

First was Indie Un-Film Festival in La Salle.
Next came exhibition in Titus Brandsma.
Now, 20th Gawad CCP Film and Video Competition.

The achievements that our baby had may not be like any other,
but I am proud to say that Rainbow, truly, has gone a very long way.

It has surpassed demeaning expectations.
It went against tough barriers.
It outdid any other competition.
And now Rainbow is standing mighty and proud.

The feeling truly is more than winning Oscars.

* * *


Jomar wakes up into a crazy and surreal world that is gay and colorful. 
The table has been turned on straight people and now, homosexuality
have become the norm. How will he survive?

* * *

It is then worthy to acknowledge the people behind the success of Rainbow. 

SOUND DESIGN: Jeanelle Opulencia
PRODUCER: Ian Lumibao

Truly, these people worked hard and contributed overwhelming
efforts to make Rainbow a history. I salute each one of us guys.
Rainbow wouldn't be what it is right now without each one of us.

So to the Top and Bottom Productions, congratulations!
Let's continue loving our masterpiece. 
This is our pride. Let's raise it high.

I love you all.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas woes

(TOP: Christmas Tree in Glorietta, SM Mall of Asia. BOTTOM: The Fort. Photos by Jepoy Malinao)

I am starting to feel that Christmas is really different in the city compared from that of the province.

Gargantuan Christmas trees are sprouting around the Metro as the Yuletide season comes near.
The whole city is filled with lights that add colors during the night.
Lanterns of all sorts are hung in every posts throughout the city.
People rush around shopping malls trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for the perfect person.

Truly, Christmas is a lot different in the city.

Back in my province, due to its laidback nature, you would seldom see those hugh Christmas trees, those playful lights and those colorful lanterns. 

But what makes Christmas in the province far better than here in the city is when you feel the warmth of your family throughout the season. You may not have those flamboyant Christmas trees and lanterns, but the best part is when you see the smiles of your family because you are all there, complete, as you celebrate the birth of Christ.

I am being mushy here.
But I just can't help thinking of how will I spend Christmas this year.

This is my first Christmas as a young professional - and I tell you, there's a huge difference when I was still a student. 

Back in my college days, my mom provides the expenses needed for my trip - from the transportation down to the pocket money. Now, I have to bear with the fact that I have a work, and I'm supposed to finance my trip to the province. Add to that the pressure as you go home since nephews, nieces, and young cousins ask for their Christmas gifts. 

Despite all those, I am still hoping I could spend time with my family this Christmas. 
My salary might not be that high, but what's more important is the presence of each family member. 

And then I thought, it has been eight years of Christmas without my mom beside me for that very special season. 
I could hardly remember how we spend it together. 
Don't get me wrong here, I don't feel any grudge towards my mom.

I just feel lonely. I just miss her. So much.

So if you ask, what's my sole wish for Christmas?
This is to have my mom with me for this solemn season. 
To hug her, kiss her, and say to her, I LOVE YOU.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Umbrellas are Forever

All roads lead to Global City Open Field, Taguig City as Rihanna and Chris Brown 
brought the house down in what MTV called as the most sought-after concert event this year.

My friend was really the one who's dying and drooling to watch the concert, literally.
As for me, since I was not really so into Rihanna and Chris Brown, 
it would be fine whether or not I'll go.

It was accidental. Unexpected. Unplanned.
Really, it was.


We were on our way home from Alabang (my partner went off the jeepney in Bicutan).

We were in our typical conversation when my friend asked, "Lumagpas na ba tayo ng Taguig?"
I answered, "Oo, bakit?"
From that moment he asked, he never stopped begging me to go down the jeepney, 
and ride a taxi so we could attend the concert.

I was really hesitant, at first. 
Knowing all the consequence that might happen.
But what the hell, it's a once-in-a-million years chance, why not?
Who knows? Next month, Rihanna's out of the music industry and Chris Brown goes berserk, right?

In about 30 minutes, I found myself standing in the midst of 70,000 people - screaming our hearts and lungs
out just to hear and see Rihanna and Chris Brown live.

It was a different feeling altogether. 
I already attended a few concerts in the past but that night was really different.
Maybe because it wasn't Sarah Geronimo singing Forever's Not Enough,
not even Marianne Rivera dancing like a duck (yes! I do hate Marianne.)

300 pesos was not bad enough to feel the rush 
running through my veins as I witnessed both artist 
perform right before my very eyes.
Well, not really, they were like 100 meters away from me - or even more.

But what the heck, I was there to have fun.
And yes I did. Did I?

The crowd went wild when it was Chris Brown's part.
But maybe due to a long recess, the audience was a little dull when
it was Rihanna's turn. 

Or was there something wrong with Rihanna?
She seemed to be sick.

Thanks to a 10-minute fireworks display courtesy of Globe,
which caused asthma attacks for some because of the smoke,
the audience were a bit entertained during the break. 

As for the stage design, it was like watching ASAP while waiting for 
ZsaZsa Padilla come out the stage and sing the Filipino version of 
Umbrella - "Payong, payong, payong...yong...yong...yong..."

Worst, it looked like WOWOWEE's stairs where Pokwang 
enters the stage from six feet under.

The night ended with that 'kilig' in me when they both sang their 
versions of Umbrella. I couldn't tell whether it was the best or not, 
since it was my first time to attend an international artist's concert.

Now the question lies, who will clean all the mess? 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Manunulat ka ba talaga?

Manunulat ba talaga ako?

Hindi ko alam...
Hindi ko mawari...
Totooo ba ito?
O pawang pangarap lamang.

Manunulat ba talaga ako?

Marunong naman ako,
Alam ko naman kung pano.
Pero sa dami ng may gusto,
Hindi ko alam kung kakayanin ko.

Manunulat ba talaga ako?

Sa pag-gising sa umaga,
Iisa lang ang naiisip ko.
Pagsusulat ng kung anu-ano,
Pagwari ng mga nasa isip ko.

Manunulat ba talaga ako?

Marami naman akong alam gawin
Marami naman akong kayang gawin
Marami din naman akong nais gawin
Marami namang ibang pwedeng gawin

Manunulat ba talaga ako?

Alam kong gusto ko,
Alam kong ito lang ang ninanais ko.
Alam kong ito ang nasa puso't diwa ko,
Alam kong ito ang tanging pangarap ko.

Manunulat ba talaga ako?

Oo, manunulat ako.
Magsusulat ako hangga't gusto ko...
Hangga't kaya ko...
Hangga't masaya ako.
Oo, manunulat ako.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fiesta ala Pobre

Hobbies: Eating

High school life suddenly flashed back to me as I write this first entry.
I could vividly remember the times when a girl friend asks me to write 
in her slam book - autograph as we Filpinos call it - I always write under hobbies, eating.

As of this writing, I am eating.

I really love eating - may it be the chicken balls that I buy outside our school back in college, or the Grilled Pork Belly that I ate a week ago (the reason why I am 
running out of bread now).

Filipinos are famous for such habit. According to some foreigners I met, any food business
in the country would be successful due to our 5-meals-a-day habit.

So that would be breakfast-snacks-lunch-snacks-dinner?

I am not a Filipino, then. 

It's a breakfast-snacks-lunch-snacks-dinner-midnight snacks meal for me a day.
And I wonder why I don't get fat. Well, except for my tummy that's getting bigger and bigger everyday; 
thanks to the bottles of beer that I consume and enjoy with my friends every weekend.

We should admit, we, Filipinos, are all fond of eating.
That's why we prepare food, even though we don't have much in our wallet, 
during fiestas, birthdays, and even during vigils.


Don't get me wrong here.
This is not a food blog - this intro might mislead you.

Jolly Jeep, for those who doesn't know it, is the most popular eating
haven in Makati. These are installed stalls around Makati who provide 
food for those who can only spend 50 pesos for lunch, that includes me.

Jolly Jeep, in this case, will take you through my different choices in life.
May it be the worst or the best.

Jolly Jeep is a chronicle of all my thoughts and expressing it through writing.

It is my vehicle to release tension. My venue to feature novelties.
My way to convey opinion. My spot to a boundless articulation.

This is Jolly Jeep.
Take a pick.
Grab a bite.