Thursday, October 29, 2009

I wanna be Toby

I was never a fan of Astro Boy.

Well, I like the way the artist drew him, a true heart-and-eye-catching.

But I never knew the story until I watched the movie.

BACK STORY: I really don't have any plans of watching the film. A free ticket made me. Who am I to resist?

Then, I found myself enticed with the little boy superhero.

I suddenly want to have my own Astro Boy, the genuine one, the robotic.

Then live in Metro City.

Have my own flying car.

Have that flying squeegee and glass sprayer.

But why so sudden?

Maybe the storytelling made me fall in love with Astro, or Toby.

It was very clear and smooth that even though I was late, I caught up with it.

I love the animation, the crisp movement and illustration of the film.

And of course, the humor is ageless.

So from now on, call me Astro, your wonder boy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A wake up call

Maybe I was just too complacent, or maybe not.

My career has always been rocky, or shall I call it, indefinite?

Yes, I, of course, know what I want to do in life. That I am 100% sure about.

But then, you reach that thinking where you ask yourself if that certain goal is really for you, or do you have what it takes to be what you want to be.

I have never doubted my skills.


Yes, I am.

But I am starting to falter.

I am starting to doubt.

I am starting to fall.

"Lord, help me find my place here on earth. Guide me where you want me to be, where I can be happy."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Apple in a bottle

Ever since The BaR launched last year, it has become a choice in drinking-forward-slash-chill out sessions with family and friends.

And now, it spices up its line as it launched The BaR Apple Vodka.

Now I say, wow!

I've heard of mango-flavored vodka, but apple? Wait a minute!

A friend who went to its launch last Friday, October 16 at Manor Superclub proved its irresistible taste.

I, too, had the chance - thanks to their free bottles.

And I said, yet again, WOW!

Adding to the sizzling launch are the new faces of The BaR. The oh-so-hotness Joyce So, the bubbly Jaymee Joaquin, the hunkie John James Uy, the serenader Jay-R Siaboc, and the alluring Wendy Valdez.

I can't wait for the next event.

That, I wouldn't miss.

With a bottle of Sprite and that good ole' The BaR, nothing can go wrong.

Joyce So

Jay-r Siaboc

Jaymee Joaquin

John James Uy

Wendy Valdez

Monday, October 19, 2009

More than your Twilight

Legends say that before a vampire can enter your home, you have to invite him or her in.

Or else.

Discover it on your own as you watch Sweden's entry this year at the 11th Cinemanila Film Festival.

What's great about this film is how it veered out of the ordinary vampire story, love story at that. Stephanie Meyer made it in the big screen with her mushy vampire love story, but take this one differently.

Let The Right One In assures you of a different take in vampire's story of love and true friendship.

You still of course get those two fangs and bloody bites.

But rest assured, that's just it.

It's so good I even wished to have a vampire friend.

Anyone out there?

Catch Let The Right One In at the 11th Cinemanila Film Festival. Visit for the schedule.

AIDS, careers, and paying the rent

It really saddens me how the man who conceptualized and, actually, created a whole Broadway production died the night before its first show.


Jonathan Larson, the man behind the Broadway musical, Rent, died by just collapsing in his apartment at around 3am of February 13, 1996.

Some say the success of Rent can be rooted with Larson's death.

But really, whether Larson died or lived, Rent is truly an extraordinary masterpiece from an extraordinary playwright.

The actors are simply the perfect ones for the characters.

The script is worth the $100.

Perfect. Just perfect.

Thank you Jonathan for such wonderful creation, for imparting to us that a year can be measured with love, with your friends, and by paying the rent.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What could happen in your last three days on earth?

The world was awakened with the threat of total destruction. A meteorite will collide with Earth in 72 hours and the small town of Laguna listens to this news in despair and chaos.

Alejandro or Ale (Victor Clavijo) a carefree, happy-go-lucky lad decides to spend the few hours remaining with alcohol in his hand, cigarette in his mouth, and loud music in his ears.

But everything changed when Lucio (Eduard Fernandez), a person from his dark past, appears right on their doorstep.

He is now torn between protecting his brother’s children from Lucio and from the end of the world.

* * *

One thing's for sure, you wouldn't expect such story in an "Independence Day" inspired film.

I should say, this is not your ordinary end-of-the-world flick, where the character runs for his life.

What made the film extra special is its focus to a micro-story while the characters are moving around a macro plot.

The movie is a total package - from the cinematography, to the screenplay, to the sound effects, to the production design. Seamless. Almost perfect.

There would always be some flaunts you'll see, but when you look in a bigger scale, you'll realize, this is crazy awesome.

What would your really do on your last three days on earth?

I'd rather spend it in the streets, seeing people running around taking photos of them.

That would be perfect.