Friday, December 18, 2009

Where would I be on 2154?

I see you.

We have seen him work in Terminator 2.

We saw how magnificent his eyes are in Titanic.

Now, brace yourselves for another masterpiece from the master, James Cameron.


When I heard of the film, it was nothing for me at first. It seems to be just another sci-fi movie that would pass by.

And then the trailer came, I said, "This I have to watch,"

I am not a movie critic, as I always say. But I love how James Cameron illustrated the world he created with his own mind.

I love every detail of the film - from the 3D technology to the music to the actors to even the creatures in the film.

I love how he told the story to every eye that will watch the film. I love how he brought me to another world, a world where everyone would want to be in.

Though the cast wasn't that strong, except for how Zoe Saldana do that growl and Sam Worthington's oh-so-hotness physique, the effects and story balanced it.

Would James Cameron still create such film?

That I'll leave up to him.

But I have only this to say, amazing is an understatement. Avatar is one divine masterpiece you surely don't want to miss.

So call your friends and take them to a one hell of an Ikran ride.