Thursday, February 25, 2010

EDSA Revolution lives on

I am no EDSA baby.

But the rich history of EDSA Revolution amazes me.

The people.

The shout.

The passion.

Everything about EDSA is an apple of my eyes.

I love the abstract concept of EDSA that I even wanted it to happen again.

Now, 24 years after, do we still have that fervent spirit to fight against the government's crime and corruption?

Elections is fast approaching.

We see TV spots of candidates running for a certain position.

We see tarpaulins around the city.

We even now hear jingles as irritating as it can be.

And I think the spirit of EDSA will live through the coming elections.

I believe that such spirit will spark amidst all these and ignite that righteous thought to vote for who is the best person to sit as our next president.

There will always be that attempt to fabricate the results.

But I know today's Filipinos will stand up for what is right.

Amidst all the adversaries in our country, I still believe that when the situation calls for it, the Filipinos will still unite along EDSA to fight for what they believe.

Filipinos will still raise their voice as high as they can for the government to hear them.

Filipinos can still put down a president.

I believe in you Pinoy.

I believe in you.