Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To T2 or not to T2? That is the question.

There's really a lot to say about T2 or Tenement 2.

Maricel Soriano is Maricel Soriano, she is undeniably an actress, thanks to her years and years of experience both in TV and film. You could really feel the fear in her eyes, truly exceptional.

Eric Fructuoso is an added value for the film. After years of absence in the movie scene, he makes a comeback that, I think, no other actors can. He is not the best, I should say, but his acting was perfect for the role - except for the naknamput word that he keeps on repeating throughout the film.

Mika dela Cruz is also another eye candy. The child, seeing her also in Goin Bulilit, has what it takes in portraying difficult and sensitive roles. She may be quite maarte for the role, being a daughter of a blind probinsyano, but she pulled everything off. 

I, personally, like the idea of not including John Lloyd Cruz in the billing of the film. His present popularity, after the You Change My Life phenomenon, would cover up the actors and the film, itself. Who would want that to happen right?

Lastly, I should commend the film's cinematography. It captured, the best possible way it can, the feel of the underworld. Kudos.

Here starts the negative part of my review.

The screenplay seems not to be the best one that Chito Roño and Aloy Adlawan could produce. There is surely more to what they have done. If Chris Martinez did it for Sukob and Roy Iglesias for Feng Shui, having Chito Roño on the side, why did Aloy didn't make it?

The graphics is another story to tell. I would probably forgive the technology that the Philippine industry presently has, but there was surely more than what they did. 

Actors like K Brosas and Camille Pratts should have been scrapped out. I really don't know if their acting was the best for the film. Even John Lloyd Cruz is questionable whether he fits the role or not.

Though it was really shocking, thanks to an invention called sound effects, it wasn't really that scary or eerie that when you get out of the movie house, you'll be scared of that particular thing, just like Feng Shui and Sukob did to me.

However, it still boils down to one's opinion and criticism. I still leave everything to you guys who will watch the film in the days to come.

To T2 or not to T2?

i say, not.


Judd said...

Good thing I thought the same.