Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eco recession out, Swine flu in

From economic recession, comes the swine flu outbreak.

It came so sudden to me.

I was in the middle of my ride to work when Mike Enriquez interviewed this expert regarding the outbreak of Swine Flu in countries like US, Mexico, Canada, etc.

Inquirer then confirmed it today, April 28, 2009, 40 cases have been confirmed in the US, 6 in Canada, and the number continues to grow.

But the questions still lies, what is Swine Flu? How does one get one? Where did it all start?

Swine Flu, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is a respiratory disease common in pigs mainly caused by Type A Influenza virus that normally causes outbreak of influenza in pigs.

Unknown was the reason of its infection to human. However, due to direct exposure to pigs, humans have been infected with the disease causing death.

According to them, one can't be infected through intake of pork. The virus can die at a 160 degrees Fahrenheit as what it usually does with other viruses or bacteria.

The disease is spread via regular or close contact of human beings with pigs - this is common in livestock farms where hogs are usually kept.

But where do we go from here?

I just do hope Filipinos will be take part in the actions that the government is taking to prevent the infection of the disease here in the country.

I mean, nothing really serious has happened in the country yet. But we should be aware and keep our guards high regarding this issue. Like Bird Flu and SARS, this is really something serious that we should focus ourselves into.

This is not just for ourselves.

But for the generations to come.


Judd said...

Puro baboy pa naman kinakain ko lately.

O bakit ka nagtext? May sakit ako eh haha. Ano problema?

Jepoy Malinao said...

hindi natratransfer ang virus via eating pork. don't worry.

kasi may hihingin akong pabor.