Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Kimmy Dora Fever

It all started out with a viral video in You Tube. Then, everything spread like wildfire.

Kimmy Dora took the whole country down with its wit and humor.

I say, with Eugene Domingo, nothing can go wrong.

For the benefit of those who doesn't know the story, Kimmy Dora is a story of twins, Kimmy and Dora, who just can't be the best twin sister for each other.

Kimmy is the smart, sophisticated, and the nastiest person, boss, twin sister you'll ever know. While Dora, the special twin, is the most lovable, caring, and troublesome twin sister.

Where does humor comes in? You ask.

Eugene Domingo and Joyce Bernal's tandem is so perfect that the simpliest story warped into the best comedy film of the year.

Slapstick, some might say.

But maybe, just maybe, that's what the Filipino needs amidst the present crisis.

Or I am just making an excuse.

A very good excuse.

Not really.

It was just the best laugh I had with movies in years.

Excuse me?

Do you work here?


Anonymous said...

Ang labo. Kala ko review.