Thursday, August 27, 2009

A good, worthy laugh it was

I was there when Cinemalaya announced this year's Best Feature Film, Last Supper No. 3. There was a round of applause, even a standing ovation.

That stir my interest to watch the film.

Then Fat Lion came to my rescue.

They held a free viewing of the film. Who was I to resist a free film viewing? Time to eat culture again, I thought.

* * *

We all know of what the Last Supper is, it is in every table of every family in the country.

Last Supper No.3 tells us a simple story of a production designer, Wilson, with his assistant, Andoy, who lost a Last Supper image which they only used and paid for from Gareth.

Gareth's Last Supper was among the top three images, thus it's title.

Making the film more interesting is the way how Roni Velasco, the director, stitched a subtle bite against the ala-Turtle justice system in the country.

The actors even made it more brilliant. Joey Paras, an innate actor, brought to life on screen a story which ordinary Filipinos do experience but in the most comic way.

But what made this different is the fact that you laughed yet learned so much than you expected.

Yet, no matter how hard you laugh, after watching the film, you'll suddenly realize how unlucky we are with our justice system.

I still have high hopes for it though.

There is still a chance for change, I think.

A good laugh it was.

Worthy laugh, at that.