Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2012 on 2010

Christmas is the time of the year when you reflect and repent.

Now, 2012 is the movie of the year when you do the same.

We saw it happened with Independence Day. Another one came with The Day After Tomorrow. But 2012 is a 360 degrees different from all those disaster flicks.

For one thing, the end of the world on 2012 is a forewarning from the Mayan calendar. According to them, the Mayan calendar will end on December 12, 2012 thus the end of the world.

From there, 2012 visually created what could happen when the earth annihilates right before your very eyes.

Starring John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Chiwetel Ejiofor among others, 2012 tells us the epic adventure of saving your own lives when the world comes to an end.

We know of how John Cusack is great as an actor, but the supporting roles complemented each other to create that perfect ensemble.

There were, of course, parts that you wouldn't like but in a holistic point of view, the film's just perfect.

So I say, Independence Day + The Day After Tomorrow <>

You have been warned.