Monday, November 16, 2009

Pacman? Vice-president?

On my way to work today, the radio was tuned in to Mike Enriquez’s daily morning show in DZBB (and yes, I don’t have a choice since you ride down the cab with the radio tuned in already, it’s a good thing though).

My eyebrows suddenly raised when this certain volunteer group is recommending/suggesting/advising Manny to run as the country’s vice-president come 2010 elections fighting against the country’s high caliber politicians.

Under what grounds?

They say Pacman is the person who will help those forgotten or deprived Filipino athletes like Z Gorres. They say we are assured of his honesty in serving the people because he won’t be corrupting. He has the money anyway, they say.


Wait a minute. Hold your horses people.

I say my piece in three parts:

(1) He might be the Pound-for-Pound King, the ultimate warrior, or whathaveyous, but it doesn’t automatically mean that he is right and perfect for the position. It’s not as if helping all those athletes would help the country get back on its feet. We are healing a more serious wound than that.

(2) Politics is not Manny’s arena, and it will never be. He might have all the money in the world, he might even pay the country’s debt (exaggerated, yes!) but it doesn’t disqualify him to be corrupt. Okay, not him. But the people surrounding him? I don’t think so.

(3) I just can’t imagine a boxer leading the country. I am very sorry, I am not discriminating Manny in whatever sort of way, but I just don’t see it. It’s not as if boxing gyms would help the country. He’s not even qualified to be one. According to the COMELEC REQUIREMENTS, to qualify to run as vice-president, you need to be 35 years old and above. He’s 30. No can do. Sorry.

Do you hear me people?

Not Manny.

Let him play his game.

Let’s play ours.