Friday, April 23, 2010

The New Kid in Riverdale

I grew up in a town where playing in the street, climbing the trees, and pressing neighbor's doorbells is a pastime.

Technology was out of our reach. Not until my 6th Grade.

Reading was then my hobby.

And Archie, Jughead, Veronica, and Betty were my playmates.

Fast-forward to the present time.

I left all my Archie comics at home in Davao. I matured to reading novels from all genres.

But now, it seems to be all coming back to me. Now that there's a new kid in Riverdale.

World, meet Kevin Keller.

The newest addition to the gang - hot, hot, hot.

But what seems to be so special about him?

He's the very first openly gay character in the series.

His first appearance is titled "Isn't it Bromantic?" where Veronica (who doesn't have any idea that Kevin is gay) is insanely falling in love with Kevin. The catch, however, is that Kevin tells Jughead that he's gay but the latter prevents the former to tell Veronica about his true identity.


Watch out for him on September 01, 2010 in your local comics stands.


shameless said...
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shameless said...

even archie is gay!