Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reality Bites

I found myself on the couch last long weekend watching the latest episodes of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and The Amazing Race.

Stressful. And I meant that in the most positive way.

Every scene really is something to look forward to. And the challenges are but superb.

And then I thought, TV has gone where now?

From the emergence of series in the boob tube, TV has gone a very long way. Reality shows has now become the trend.

From Survivor to The Amazing Race to Big Brother. Even Paris Hilton's search for her new BFF is now on your TV screens.

It's great success can be very well rooted to the success of singing competitions in the tube. One, best example maybe is American Idol where viewers all over the world continue to watch.

But wait, let me just say that reality TV has become very popular that it's now nauseating.

Maybe not Survivor and The Amazing Race.

But seriously? Paris Hilton searching for her new BFF? Do you really have to air that?

In the Philippines, I should say that reality TV has become not just a trend, but really famous. You can see Pinoy Big Brother which has now become a talent search.

Kim Chiu? You there?

But I still am a fan though.

Reality bites.

It bites hard.