Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Trek worth the cent

Online, print, or word of mouth - everyone's so into Star Trek.

I was never a fan of the series, I never watched even a single episode - not even the storyline. So when I entered the theater, I have nothing in mind but the rave reviews online.

But the film didn't fail to impress me in ways more than one.

First, the storytelling was undeniably flawless. It was like a reading a bedtime book to a 7-year-old girl in its most sci-fi way, I could hardly imagine. I love how the J.J. Abrams relayed the story to the audience, even to those who doesn't know even a single idea about the film.

Both sound effects and CG were exceptional. It transported the viewers to a different dimension, never before seen through a naked eye.

The cinematography is another story to tell. It captured, the best way it can, earth's future look - from the shots to the lighting - exuberantly perfect.

How about the actors, you might ask?

Chis Pine held on to the character until the credits. Seeing him from Just My Luck to Princess Diaries 2 to Blind Dating is something to look forward to now that he's Jim Kirk in Star Trek. Aside from his physique, his portrayal of the character proved his versatility. More than eye-catching, he was an actor in its truest sense.

I've only heard about Zachary Quinto in Star Trek. Then I realized, based on research, he appeared in Lizzie McGuire, Heroes, and 24 - that clearly explains why he's not that familiar. However, he did a splendid job as Spock.

Eric Bana is another someone to watch out for in this film. He's so good you wouldn't even notice it's him. Really. Zoe Saldana is a bitch in its most positive essence. I only saw her once in Center Stage, but in this film, she is totally not the Zoe I saw before - aside from still being skinny, of course.

The actors that reprised the cast is above average, not, superior I should say.

True enough, Star Trek is a trek worth the cent, worth even the millions and millions spent. I can't hardly wait for the next.


jon awake said...

ZZZZzzzZZzZZzzzzzz....Tapos na yung movie? Ganda nga ng Star Trek! hehehe...

Jepoy Malinao said...

nakakahiya. hehehehe. bili na lang tayo ng dvd, para mapanuod mo naman. nahiya naman kasi ang Star Trek sayo eh. hehehehe