Thursday, October 29, 2009

I wanna be Toby

I was never a fan of Astro Boy.

Well, I like the way the artist drew him, a true heart-and-eye-catching.

But I never knew the story until I watched the movie.

BACK STORY: I really don't have any plans of watching the film. A free ticket made me. Who am I to resist?

Then, I found myself enticed with the little boy superhero.

I suddenly want to have my own Astro Boy, the genuine one, the robotic.

Then live in Metro City.

Have my own flying car.

Have that flying squeegee and glass sprayer.

But why so sudden?

Maybe the storytelling made me fall in love with Astro, or Toby.

It was very clear and smooth that even though I was late, I caught up with it.

I love the animation, the crisp movement and illustration of the film.

And of course, the humor is ageless.

So from now on, call me Astro, your wonder boy!