Thursday, October 22, 2009

Apple in a bottle

Ever since The BaR launched last year, it has become a choice in drinking-forward-slash-chill out sessions with family and friends.

And now, it spices up its line as it launched The BaR Apple Vodka.

Now I say, wow!

I've heard of mango-flavored vodka, but apple? Wait a minute!

A friend who went to its launch last Friday, October 16 at Manor Superclub proved its irresistible taste.

I, too, had the chance - thanks to their free bottles.

And I said, yet again, WOW!

Adding to the sizzling launch are the new faces of The BaR. The oh-so-hotness Joyce So, the bubbly Jaymee Joaquin, the hunkie John James Uy, the serenader Jay-R Siaboc, and the alluring Wendy Valdez.

I can't wait for the next event.

That, I wouldn't miss.

With a bottle of Sprite and that good ole' The BaR, nothing can go wrong.

Joyce So

Jay-r Siaboc

Jaymee Joaquin

John James Uy

Wendy Valdez


Traveliztera said...

Jaymee's head in the photo looks bigger than her body... =\ yikes

Anonymous said...

Love your post!!!! Keep it coming! :-) Thanks friend!