Monday, October 19, 2009

More than your Twilight

Legends say that before a vampire can enter your home, you have to invite him or her in.

Or else.

Discover it on your own as you watch Sweden's entry this year at the 11th Cinemanila Film Festival.

What's great about this film is how it veered out of the ordinary vampire story, love story at that. Stephanie Meyer made it in the big screen with her mushy vampire love story, but take this one differently.

Let The Right One In assures you of a different take in vampire's story of love and true friendship.

You still of course get those two fangs and bloody bites.

But rest assured, that's just it.

It's so good I even wished to have a vampire friend.

Anyone out there?

Catch Let The Right One In at the 11th Cinemanila Film Festival. Visit for the schedule.