Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cinemalaya Cinco blasts in a speed of light

Indie film industry has gone a notch higher. Thanks to Cinemalaya V (pronounced as Cinemalaya Cinco).

This independent film festival, which started on 2004, goes up little higher, grows a little bigger this year with more captivating films, world-class and worth-watching.

Observing what Cinemalaya has become from the time it started until now, it has surely gone a very long way.

Being a film fanatic, I should say that the quality of films has also evolved - better, stronger.

There were, of course, some film exhibitions that I doubted. But maybe, just maybe, I didn't get the film's essence.


I know you might ask how many films did you watch?

I was able to watch 24k. And Shorts B, including the best short feature, Bonsai.

There, I can say that Cinemalaya truly grew to a sturdy tree.

You can even measure it via the clouds and clouds of people who went to the venue. It was overflowing. Box-office as they usually say.

Crowd's favorite was Dinig Sana Kita, this I have to watch and compare from Mike Sandejas' Tulad ng Dati.

The Best Film went to Last Supper No.3, again, this I have to watch. My friends told me it's oh-so-uber-duper-funny. Even Erik Matti laughed with it.

The one and only competition film I watched won Best Cinematography. I say. They deserved it. The film's crisp color and lighting was spectacular. Every little shot was picturesque.

Now, the audience expects a little more for next year's batch of films.