Thursday, July 2, 2009

Friendster is Facebooked

After the tremendous success of Facebook, one social networking site, aside from MySpace which is still a choice for the youth of the US, Friendster has lost its fame and became nothing but ordinary.

I should admit that before, due to a limited number of friends in Friendster, I had 3 accounts - but none of them has been maintained since Facebook came.

Guilty. I am.

However, I still believe that Friendster has the chance of regaining its fame.

Reality bites.

Philippines is a third-world country. 70 to 80% of our population belongs to the CDE sector, to which Friendster caters.

Whenever I visit computer shops around my place, I still see Friendster browsed by internet addicts. Even a friend still prefers Friendster and finds Facebook a headache.

I'm not being sentimental here, but Friendster opened our minds and eyes to the world of social networking. Never underestimate the power of the one who conquered the online space first.

Where else would you go but to where you were before.

There is still that chance, that meagre chance.

I believe.

Do you?