Friday, July 10, 2009

I am in Google

I am working in a digital advertising agency, but there is still mystery whenever I type my name in Google and my name appears in the very first page result.

It still amazes me, puzzles me, boggles me.

According to my mentors here in the office, Google has this spider attributes wherein it crawls in all websites, searching for the keyword you entered.

However Google does it, the process and the technology in search engines creates the resounding disbelief in me.

On second thought.

I'm in Google.

Even my blog, a not so famous one, this one you're reading, belongs to the top 10 results in Google.

It might be just one of the activities we do when we go online, but online searching involves a lot of process and mind-boggling technology than ever thought.

So the next time you Google, try to think of how great the people behind Google is.

How technologically forward these people are.

Now I'm thinking, does anyone here knows their email?

I might send my resume.