Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tie that yellow ribbon

I haven't been to any EDSA Revolution in my entire life.

I was told, during that time, yellow ribbons were tied in every lamp posts all over the Metro. And here we are again, tying those yellow ribbons, not for EDSA Revolution, but for Tita Cory.

Then I thought, does it have to take one person's life or health condition for us to unite and bring back what EDS Revolution brought our country?

Freedom. Democracy.

We fought hard, blood and sweat, for this.

Yet, apathy is slowly killing us, tearing us apart.

I say we need to get back on our feet, stand up, and do what a Filipino has to do.

Let's continue what our forefathers have started.

Let's take that one step to a journey of a thousand.

Together, we'll make it through.

Let's tie that yellow ribbon.

For Cory. For us. For the country.