Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I was part of History

The death of President Cory Aquino took a toll on me as a human being, as a Filipino. More than the death of Michael Jackson, her death made me realize more things than one.

But seeing her in person, in her casket, with her yellow beaded dress and exceptional make-up, is a whole different story to tell.

We arrived at Manila Cathedral surprised with the very long line. Or was I really surprised?

There seems to be a party, I whispered.

It was far from what I thought it is.

But then again, I realized, these people are rejoicing not because of Cory's death, but because they will finally see one of the greatest Filipino icon.

Ditto. I did feel the same.

Falling in line for a whopping four hours is not a joke. I hope I can draw how the line looked like in Intramuros, I would.

When I finally went inside the church, it was a bliss and mourning altogether.

And then there she was, peaceful, happy, and seemingly satisfied.

I even thought she's smiling.

When I went out, it was truly an affirmation.

An affirmation that after EDSA Revolution on 1986, I am now a part of history as it unfolds right before my eyes.

Seeing more than 40,000 people fall in line, not minding the harsh weather, is truly a history.

Once again, President Cory proved that Filipinos can be united and fight together for one goal, one reason, one purpose.

I am sure, as of this writing, President Cory is smiling, happy to see what I have realized.

I am Filipino, and I'm mighty proud to be one.