Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When families collide

I admit, I am a family person.

I may seem not to be, but I love my family. And being a part of it, I always pray for my family's peace and understanding.


One main abstract issue that my family usually encounters.

And I hate how it always emerge amidst us.

I belong to an extended family. Being such, it's easy for me to see how my family moves and lives everyday of their lives.

We are now back to where we were before.

Seeing and hearing your family members talk ill behind another family member's back wounds me.

This is not what I wanted my family to be.

Now that I am old enough to handle things, I need to do my part.

Every waking day and night, I pray to God, "Please do take care of my family, heal it's wounds, and listen to their prayers,"

Where else do you go when you're everything seems to be heavy?

But to the our Almighty Father.

Heal my family.

Heal it's aches.

Grant us peace.