Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dining with Marilyn Monroe

I am a fan of the oldies.

I love the vintage wheels that I can drive around the city, it's music that calms down my intense day, or just the mere feel of it.

More than anything else, I would want to live during the 50's, 60's, or 70's.

I would want to wear those bell bottom pants, those very tight shirts, and smoke weed like there's no tomorrow.

But guess what, in the heart of Baguio, I experienced 50's just the way I like it. I may not have worn those bell bottom pants, but I had a taste of it, literally.

50's Diner, located a few steps away from Teacher's Camp and the Pink Sisters Convent, will treat you to an ambience of the era as its business name; the name speaks for itself.

If you're familiar of Diner Dash, the computer game, then you'll find it quite the same with its setting.

At a cheaper price, you'll get to taste what Baguio has to offer when it comes to the American side of your taste buds. From steaks to huge burgers, from milk shakes to American-style shrimps, you will love everything that the resto has to offer.

Cap off your meal with the perfectly crafted dessert that will make your world turn upside down. It might be the usual, but brace yourself for the twist.

So when you visit Baguio, spend all your time going around the city, but spare an hour or two at 50's Diner and experience the 50's at a most comfortable way.