Friday, March 20, 2009

Korea invades our taste buds

I wonder what one does on a Thursday night.

One can drink a bottle or two with his/her friends in their favorite bar, dance the night away, or just stay in a quite, solitude restaurant where no one else can hear you but yourself.

We did the latter just last night - not in a five-star hotel resto, but in Kalayaan Ave., Makati City.

Not your ordinary dinner night, should I say. It's a Korean food trip with my partner.

It all started on our first trip in Baguio. We had a bountiful lunch in one of the many Korean restaurants in the city. 

From there, our taste buds craved for that authentic Korean delicacy.

Luckily, Makati has its own Korean district.

Makati Avenue is the place to be when you want the real taste of Korean dining.

What I like when dining in a Korean resto are the side dishes they serve which will surely perk you up for the main dish.

They usually serve the sought-after Kimchi, those beans spiced up with sesame seeds, and the nerve-wracking cucumber wrapped with egg.

And so we chose the main dishes.

Our favorite Samgyupsal was our first choice. Being one of the most popular dishes, Samgyupsal consists of grilled pork strips served with garlic and onion, no marinating involved though. For that authentic Korean dining experience, you dip the strips in sesame oil and Korean spicy paste, wrap it in a lettuce, and top it with Kimchi or rice. 

For another mouthwatering dish, we tried Bulgogi. Similar to the Teriyaki in Japan, it is a marinated beef strips served with sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, onion, wine, and sugar. 

To top the Korean experience, we ordered Dak Gui. It might seem to be your usual grilled chicken but i'd rather say, it's not. Dak Gui is marinated and put together with that authentic Korean sauces and oil to give your taste buds a roller coaster ride.

It might be a usual dinner night. 

But the Korean dining experience made it special by an extra mile.


ethan nathe said...

i love the photos! great capture.

Dr. Darren said...

looks delicious! yum yum

Jepoy Malinao said...

@ ethan nathe: You impostor! hehehe

@ Dr. Darren: Do you have Korean restos there in Malaysia? If you do, try eating in one, then you'll see. You'll come back for more.