Friday, March 6, 2009

Nothing lasts forever

12:00nn today, March 06, 2009, a shocking news quaked the entertainment industry. Francis "Kiko" Magalona or better know as Francis M. died of Leukemia.

I am not, of any degree, connected to the Kiko, but his masterpieces, the music he created, made me decide to do this blog entry today.

I am not dwelling with his death, instead, I'll highlight the music the legacy he left for the country.

Dubbed as the Master Rapper, Kiko and his music created a better world for the Filipinos, beyond poverty, discrimination, and indifference. 

I say, he is a genuine music icon, the music icon.

I grew up with his music - from "Mga Kababayan" to "Kaleidoscope World" - and it has truly strengthened by faith to the Filipino race, to its home-grown talents such as Kiko Magalona.

He may be gone, but his music will continue inspiring today's youth and the generations to come.

I will proudly tell this story to my sons and grandsons, that once in my life, a pure Filipino music from Francis Magalona inspired and boosted the nationalism of the Philippines.