Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finally, they made it or maybe not

They're finally there.

Most of my high school batchmates who took up nursing are now registered nurses. One was even the top of the school to where she studied.

This goes out to them who squeezed out all their effort, who went through pains and sufferings, who spent sleepless nights, who stepped out of their comfort zones just to reach this summit of their lives.

Congratulations my fellow Philwomenian batchmates!

However, as I was scanning the list of board passers, there were thousands of them. Even the topnotchers are overflowing.

We simply can't deny it. Nursing has truly become a necessity to uplift one's life.

But with their population, is it still possible to practice what they learned?

I say maybe not.

This is may not only be applicable to nursing graduates but I am aware that some, board passers at that, don't really practice their profession which dismays me the most. 

Imagine spending huge amount of money in studying, spending hours and hours of studying the licensure examination and passing it, yet end up as a call center agent?

I am not against the call center industry, don't get me wrong. 

What I'm trying to say is that these registered nurses should not waste what they have spent and what they have learned to something they are not supposed to be doing.

Never settle for anything less.

So to my batchmates, hoping to see you there, wearing that pure white uniform you dream of.

God bless you guys!