Friday, June 26, 2009

A legend dies

It was as sudden as the wind.

I was still walking through dreamland when a text message from a friend in the United States texted me, "Michael Jackson dies of cardiac arrest."

I thought, another story-telling-lies. And went on with my dreaming.

The noise of our television then woke me up, just in time for me not to be late for work.

Henry Omaga-Diaz, our local news anchor, then announced the death of the King of Pop at 50 years old. Now, tell me, am I still dreaming, I thought.

But no, I am awake, my eyes wide open.

Who would know MJ?

From his oh-so-out-of-this-world music videos to his remarkable songs, Michael Jackson has captured the world and held it on his hands.

Literally, the world went crazy over him. I just don't know if it's his looks or his music.

With all honesty, I love his music.

I love the way how I dance with every beat he produces, a wild rhythm put together to create magic. He is a true icon, legendary at that.

My officemate even said, "Music won't be music without Michael Jackson,"

True enough.

There wouldn't be Usher, Luther Van Dross, or 98 Degrees without MJ.

The world will surely miss MJ. I will surely miss him.

He may not be here on earth physically, but his music will resound through all generations.

May you rest in peace.