Monday, February 9, 2009


One of the few things my partner and I want to do this year is to offer even just a little help to charity - may it be the orphans, the environment, or the sick. 

What's important for us this year, since we now have a job, why not share a little of our time and finance to those who need it?

So we've decided to join GREENPEACE.

GreenPeace is an international organization dedicated to fight, non-violent and non-destructive at that, against environmental abuse. Since 1971, the group spread the need to heed our degrading environment. With their more than a thousand members, it has become a group armed with passion and concern for the Mother Nature.

From then on, GreenPeace has continuously become the staunch defender of the earth - from the waters to the air.

From the moment I signed the membership, right then and there, I felt the urge to disseminate the good news. 

So this blog is dedicated to gain members and defender for GreenPeace.

A little amount will do. At a very low cost, you can help save the world.

Visit for more information.

It's high time we do something for others and for the world, at large.