Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Resurrection. Transformation. Bebe Gandanghari.

"Patay na po si Rustom Padilla, sya ngayo'y kilala bilang Bebe Gandanghari" - Rustom Padilla

These were the exact words of the actor-forward slash-actress Rustom Padilla-forward slash-Bebe Gandanghari as he-forward slash-she-forward slash-it announced the change in his-forward slash-her name.

Enough of the forward slashes.

It was quite a very rapid transformation for Rustom. From his out of the closet scene in Pinoy Big Brother, with the mariposa, to his gay role in ZsaZsa Zaturnnah, he has gone a very long way out of his comfort zones. 

And for the Filipino audience, it was not a very good move.

We all know that there is an imbalance treatment between the heterosexuals and the homosexuals in the society, and for one, nothing can ever take the fact that Philippine is a patriarchal society. 

Thus, you can never expect that Filipinos will eagerly accept the change in Rustom, especially that he is a public figure.

However, I do understand the sudden change in Rustom. Imagine hiding inside yourself for almost 30 years? 

What Rustom is going through right now is maybe just a long-time dream for him - to be out in the open, to express himself the way he wanted it to be, to live life as a woman.

Maybe, just maybe, it was not the best time for such change. 

Filipinos are not ready yet. They are not your Obamas that wholeheartedly accepts homosexuality and the underlying factors within it.

I now wonder, when will the Filipinos be ready?