Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The magic stayed with me

(Photo by Cyprus Malinao)

(Photo by Jon Galvez)

There's always a child within us. And Enchanted Kingdom, once again, unleashed that immaturity in me.

It was not my first time to be there - it was I think my 4th time if I'm not mistaken. 

Maybe what made it extra special is the fact that I was with my friends. Being with them for a day in a place where " the magic stays with you," is really ecstatic. 

Running around like kids. Riding all those rides like you never did it before. Taking pictures as if you'll never see each other again.

Tiring, it was, but never did I expect that it would that fun since I will be riding the same rides as i did before. 

Then I realized, the magic was caused not only by Space Shuttle and Rio Grande Rapids, but the people I was with.

Friends, truly, are the magic that will stay on with you forever.