Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wheels and more wheels

Suzuki Swift

2009 Mini Cooper

Mr.Bean's wheels' keeps on rolling in my head.

I have never thought anything about my dream car just until early this morning, February 11, 2009. 

I want a small, comfortable-looking yet dashing vehicle that I can drive from home to work to gimmick nights to meetings to anywhere I like- minus the hassle of searching for a parking spot due to its size.

So, I thought of the following wheels that will perfectly fit my lifestyle:

1. 2009 Mini Cooper

The intimacy I might feel when I'm driving the car attracts me the most. Unlike the usual vehicles driving around the city, this one stands out due to its modern vintage feel, do I make sense? 

Plus, according to one blog I read, Mini Coopers are driver-friendly because it consumes fuel lesser than other types of vehicle. The color combination also entices me, the almost perfect scarlet red with white top makes me drool.

2. Suzuki Swift 

I could imagine myself going down from my pure white or jet black tinted Suzuki Swift for a Saturday night drinking session with my friends. Whatever color it has, I would love to own a Suzuki Swift.

Suzuki Swift offers automatic transmission, making it easy for me to drive the car. Plus, the modern classy look and feel of the car perfectly matches my perky personality. Truly a match made in heaven.

* * *

There you go, two of my most elusive dream cars. And then I thought, I should learn how to drive first before buying one.


queen j said...

i just rode a mini cooper the other day. it's soooo cute!!! and i love the ride. :)