Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pelikuletran 2009, As I see it (Part 2)

Now, the films that topped my list.

A wide array and spectrum of films that will surely fly high - winning awards and recognitions here and abroad.

Read on.

DISCLAIMER: As I said, these are pure opinions and opinions, in nature, are neither right nor wrong. So before you comment, think twice. *wink*

* * *

Lihim ng Dapit Hapon has a lot to offer - from the actors, to the screenplay, to the cinematography. Imagine having two of the best Filipino actors in the industry? What more can you ask for?

In this film, Sylvia Sanchez plays as a widow caught in the middle of having an affair with Jao Mapa, which, in the end, was revealed as her son. 

My only problem with the film is its shallow story, very predictable at that. The shots were enough to justify the beauty of the film, not an award-winning one, but enough to be nominated.

One thing I noticed also is that Sylvia Sanchez wasn't able to give all her acting prowess, she was, I think, holding back just a little. Jao Mapa, although, pulled the trigger. It was not the best acting he had, but he was very good in the film.

Cinematography at its best!

This the perfect statement to describe the film. Unlike last year's travel film, Magdalena fully utilized the beauty of Abra, showcasing the scenic spots, the people, and the culture. 

The shots were perfectly crafted attempting to bring its viewers to the majestic province. 

The storyline was not the best there is, but there was something in this film that will surely attract not just the indie film fans, but various awards and recognitions - just like Bangar. 

To add, Magdalena seems to be a film within a film which adds another attracting element of the film. 

This will definitely go places, of that I'm sure.

A fresh concept that definitely stood out. Though it's not really new in the indie film industry, this is a refreshing concept for Pelikuletran. 

Storyline-wise, it's actually the typical "what if?" concept. However, what added a little spice to the film is its singing actors. 


The film, it may not seem to be, is musical. Every line was sang by the actors.

Some shots might be picturesque, but in totality, it lacks a little exploring. They could have added a little creativity with the shots since the genre they utilized needs such.

I should commend, however, the director and the whole staff and crew who struggled to sync everything. It's not at all an easy thing to do.


This one's really star-studded. Imagine having Bembol Roco and Soliman Cruz in one film, student film at that, this is really a huge catch. Two of the hottest stars in the independent film scene collide in this masterpiece.

An adapted screenplay, the director poured his own touch and taste to make it his own - the best way he can do to make it a little original.

What's lovely about the film is its touch of comedy making, a what's supposed to be a heavy drama film, a lighter one. 

They were, of course, comments such as is the ending really possible? or will a father really do it to his own son?

I am not in the proper position to answer these queries. But that was what I like about the film. The argument people engage into after watching it - asking questions, debating, and worst, fighting.

Technicalities was not perfect. But we can't blame the director it might be his own interpretation of the film, right?

Job well done McCoy!

This one's not supposed to be a part of my top five favorites - but among the roster, this I can consider.

The film actually has no sense at all. As I said, on my own opinion.

Imagine just having a transexual hook-up with guys and because of this, he/she/it was killed. I am now wondering where in the world will I get the truest sense of this?

Being a part of the third sex, I don't think this is necessary. I mean, to showcase how gay people behave in the society. Right?

This just adds up to the discrimination we get from this harsh world.

The beauty of the film really is...

Let me think.

I actually can't think of anything.

* * *

There goes my POV's towards Pelikuletran 2009.

There might be some violent reactions from my readers. But go ahead, comment. I'm willing to listen, or to argue, at that.


Anonymous said...

I also saw these films somewhere in Cubao (forgot where?!?) !!! Here's my opinion:

Naranyag Nga Bulan - too amateurish execution but I can't blame them, they are students right? But the violin is not in sync and the storyline is boring, nothing new at all. There are alot of flaws and I agree witht he blogger, from the script, technicalities, and acting. A barrio lass playing the violin? It may be possible but, come on!

Lihim ng Dapit Hapon - there's is this "goosebump" factor though I agree that it is predictable from the very start, I like the film's dark, deep, and quiet mood, so credits to the director, and to the actors as well. And also the director manage to do away from being melodramatic. This is one of my picks!

21:00 - The cinematography is really really good. The lighting and all, especially the night shots are all perfectly lit! (compared to other films dark/night scenes. The story is however shallow, but the concept, well, there's a message (like Bong Revilla's "Resiklo") yet it sounds "pilit" to some degrees. A 15 minutes or so wouldn't be enough for this kind of concept.

Taguan - best example of a shortfilm - the story is compressed yet it is understandable and well structured. It also has the "kilabot" factor jsut like Lihim ng Dapit Hapon

Magdalena - if 2100 owns the cinematogrphy, Magdalena owns the DOP department (cinematography and DOP are different to many extent). The picture composition showcased Abra's beauty as a province. I have a problem with the story though, it feels long though it runs for less than 20 mins, but I'm not saying the story is bad though.

Tigang - The story is interesting but the executions are FLAWED. From the acting, dialogues, technicalities, etc. It is me or I think this film is an attempt to make a porn flick?

Men's Room - This looks like your typical local mainstream comedy film yet the script's structure is experimental (utilizing "flashbacks"). If you're going to look at it, the script, editing, and camera shots seem as if they were all planned from preprod (pinagisipan ba). I also love the idea/concept, this isn't a full blast storytelling film (so I disagree with the blogger), more on a social commentary.

No Exit - the script's structure is also distorted, somehow like Men's Room, but this film takes the next level by being more experimental. But the story is really simple, quite boring to some extents, but fair enough because the story still makes sense.

Pogi - this film isn't technically perfect, but god, I have to admit, I was glued to the screens! It's pure fun, fast-paced, and you gotta love the whole experience watching this film. Not bad for trying to stage a musical short film esp for students. And the stroy was really serious but it was executed in a funny way. It was really unpredictable from the beginning, revealing in the middle, and hold your curiosity till the end. This is my personal pick.

Anonymous said...

i want to watch lihim ng dapit hapon.. pano po ba??