Monday, November 24, 2008

Seeking refuge

To where, 
To whom,
To what,
Do I seek refuge?

From where I am standing,
I seem to drift apart.
From my point of view,
I seem to meander.

Darkness lurks within me,
Light is out of my sight,
Hope has long abandoned me,
Where am I to go?

I am about to surrender,
I am at the verge of retreating.
I am losing my thread,
I am bleeding, hopeless, and insane.

But then You came,
You gave me hope,
You lit my way
You were there.

It was You who lifted me high,
It was You who accepted me,
It was You who cleansed me,
It was You, only You.

Thank You...
That's all I can say,
Thank You...
There's nothing more I can say.

Thank You, Father Almighty.