Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fiesta ala Pobre

Hobbies: Eating

High school life suddenly flashed back to me as I write this first entry.
I could vividly remember the times when a girl friend asks me to write 
in her slam book - autograph as we Filpinos call it - I always write under hobbies, eating.

As of this writing, I am eating.

I really love eating - may it be the chicken balls that I buy outside our school back in college, or the Grilled Pork Belly that I ate a week ago (the reason why I am 
running out of bread now).

Filipinos are famous for such habit. According to some foreigners I met, any food business
in the country would be successful due to our 5-meals-a-day habit.

So that would be breakfast-snacks-lunch-snacks-dinner?

I am not a Filipino, then. 

It's a breakfast-snacks-lunch-snacks-dinner-midnight snacks meal for me a day.
And I wonder why I don't get fat. Well, except for my tummy that's getting bigger and bigger everyday; 
thanks to the bottles of beer that I consume and enjoy with my friends every weekend.

We should admit, we, Filipinos, are all fond of eating.
That's why we prepare food, even though we don't have much in our wallet, 
during fiestas, birthdays, and even during vigils.


Don't get me wrong here.
This is not a food blog - this intro might mislead you.

Jolly Jeep, for those who doesn't know it, is the most popular eating
haven in Makati. These are installed stalls around Makati who provide 
food for those who can only spend 50 pesos for lunch, that includes me.

Jolly Jeep, in this case, will take you through my different choices in life.
May it be the worst or the best.

Jolly Jeep is a chronicle of all my thoughts and expressing it through writing.

It is my vehicle to release tension. My venue to feature novelties.
My way to convey opinion. My spot to a boundless articulation.

This is Jolly Jeep.
Take a pick.
Grab a bite.