Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas woes

(TOP: Christmas Tree in Glorietta, SM Mall of Asia. BOTTOM: The Fort. Photos by Jepoy Malinao)

I am starting to feel that Christmas is really different in the city compared from that of the province.

Gargantuan Christmas trees are sprouting around the Metro as the Yuletide season comes near.
The whole city is filled with lights that add colors during the night.
Lanterns of all sorts are hung in every posts throughout the city.
People rush around shopping malls trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for the perfect person.

Truly, Christmas is a lot different in the city.

Back in my province, due to its laidback nature, you would seldom see those hugh Christmas trees, those playful lights and those colorful lanterns. 

But what makes Christmas in the province far better than here in the city is when you feel the warmth of your family throughout the season. You may not have those flamboyant Christmas trees and lanterns, but the best part is when you see the smiles of your family because you are all there, complete, as you celebrate the birth of Christ.

I am being mushy here.
But I just can't help thinking of how will I spend Christmas this year.

This is my first Christmas as a young professional - and I tell you, there's a huge difference when I was still a student. 

Back in my college days, my mom provides the expenses needed for my trip - from the transportation down to the pocket money. Now, I have to bear with the fact that I have a work, and I'm supposed to finance my trip to the province. Add to that the pressure as you go home since nephews, nieces, and young cousins ask for their Christmas gifts. 

Despite all those, I am still hoping I could spend time with my family this Christmas. 
My salary might not be that high, but what's more important is the presence of each family member. 

And then I thought, it has been eight years of Christmas without my mom beside me for that very special season. 
I could hardly remember how we spend it together. 
Don't get me wrong here, I don't feel any grudge towards my mom.

I just feel lonely. I just miss her. So much.

So if you ask, what's my sole wish for Christmas?
This is to have my mom with me for this solemn season. 
To hug her, kiss her, and say to her, I LOVE YOU.