Friday, November 21, 2008


The most talked-about movie-event of the year is coming to town on November 26, 08
and I just can't stop thinking, will the movie suffice the
thrill of the novel?

Honestly, I am not really a huge fan of the novel.
I first heard it when my officemate mentioned it in one of our clumsy talks.
And from there, I was intrigued.

In one of my lunch breaks, I took time to log on to Google
and typed TWILIGHT.

There I saw not just thousands, but millions of results -
from blogs to reviews, from photos to artworks.
Truly, the world is TWILIGHTized.

I decided, then, to join the bandwagon.
Besides, Cedric Diggory turned Edward Cullen actor
Robert Pattinson is in the film, making it more "dazzling"
in my eyes. He was not at all bad in Harry Potter.

Kristen Stewart, playing Bella Swan, adds to the expectations
I have for Twilight. I could remember her young acting in Zathura
and Panic Room, and she's something to look forward to.

Both artists stir my interest making me want to watch it
on its premiere.

Before the film premieres this week, I hope to finish the novel.
Thanks to a very reliable technology, I grabbed a copy of it
via an eBook - though I would want to own a hard/softbound copy of it soon.

The world has high expectations for this film.
I just hope the film fulfills it.