Monday, November 17, 2008

Umbrellas are Forever

All roads lead to Global City Open Field, Taguig City as Rihanna and Chris Brown 
brought the house down in what MTV called as the most sought-after concert event this year.

My friend was really the one who's dying and drooling to watch the concert, literally.
As for me, since I was not really so into Rihanna and Chris Brown, 
it would be fine whether or not I'll go.

It was accidental. Unexpected. Unplanned.
Really, it was.


We were on our way home from Alabang (my partner went off the jeepney in Bicutan).

We were in our typical conversation when my friend asked, "Lumagpas na ba tayo ng Taguig?"
I answered, "Oo, bakit?"
From that moment he asked, he never stopped begging me to go down the jeepney, 
and ride a taxi so we could attend the concert.

I was really hesitant, at first. 
Knowing all the consequence that might happen.
But what the hell, it's a once-in-a-million years chance, why not?
Who knows? Next month, Rihanna's out of the music industry and Chris Brown goes berserk, right?

In about 30 minutes, I found myself standing in the midst of 70,000 people - screaming our hearts and lungs
out just to hear and see Rihanna and Chris Brown live.

It was a different feeling altogether. 
I already attended a few concerts in the past but that night was really different.
Maybe because it wasn't Sarah Geronimo singing Forever's Not Enough,
not even Marianne Rivera dancing like a duck (yes! I do hate Marianne.)

300 pesos was not bad enough to feel the rush 
running through my veins as I witnessed both artist 
perform right before my very eyes.
Well, not really, they were like 100 meters away from me - or even more.

But what the heck, I was there to have fun.
And yes I did. Did I?

The crowd went wild when it was Chris Brown's part.
But maybe due to a long recess, the audience was a little dull when
it was Rihanna's turn. 

Or was there something wrong with Rihanna?
She seemed to be sick.

Thanks to a 10-minute fireworks display courtesy of Globe,
which caused asthma attacks for some because of the smoke,
the audience were a bit entertained during the break. 

As for the stage design, it was like watching ASAP while waiting for 
ZsaZsa Padilla come out the stage and sing the Filipino version of 
Umbrella - "Payong, payong, payong...yong...yong...yong..."

Worst, it looked like WOWOWEE's stairs where Pokwang 
enters the stage from six feet under.

The night ended with that 'kilig' in me when they both sang their 
versions of Umbrella. I couldn't tell whether it was the best or not, 
since it was my first time to attend an international artist's concert.

Now the question lies, who will clean all the mess?