Friday, November 28, 2008

Twilight, revisited

I planned of reading the book first before watching the film.
So, I hope this quasi-review of the film would be enough
to surpass your expectations - assuming you have such to me.


* * *

I am not really a big fan.
I am not Ms. Toni Tiu whose blog is really so TWILIGHT-ized (Sorry for citing you Ms.Toni =)).

Well, I read the book until the first time Bella dreamt of Edward.
And it was a different tingling feeling reading it for the very first time.

However, I couldn't compare it from Harry Potter since both have 
different plots, settings, and nature - though both female writers should
be acknowledged for such world-renowned masterpieces.

We know of vampires as those eerie fictional characters who bite necks
and suck blood. And in return, the one they bit would become a vampire.
A folklore that has long frightened me since childhood.

But reading the first few chapters of the book left in me an anticipation 
towards the thrilling and exciting relationship of a human and immortal.

Since schedule and finances didn't allow me to read and buy the book.
I decided to watch the film first, and read the book later.

* * *

After watching the film with my partner, it took time for me to
fully immerse myself with it. 

He was telling me that he didn't like it. I felt otherwise.

Its treatment was different with the usual Hollywood films I watch.
Maybe because it's low in budget, some didn't really liked the way
the director did it. But for me, it was a whole new Hollywood film experience - 
innovative would be the perfect word. It was like watching an independent film.
I just hope the director continue this through New Moon.

The cinematography was not even seamless, but it was appealing enough
for a vampire film. The director captured the action, rush, and romance
that the audience should feel while watching the film.

The screenplay made its way to my heart.
Hardwicke ensured that every line in every scene is memorable -
truly worth the long wait. She guaranteed that every word uttered would put
meaning to the true essence of the film.

I felt the rush especially on the baseball scene.
When Alice prophesied that the nomads were about to arrive,
I felt my blood racing through my veins as if I was part of 
the Cullen-Hale family. My heart even throbbed - believe me on this.

It was funny the first time I saw the vampires' make-up.
A spectator even commented, "Para silang nag-Chin Chan Soo,"
But I got used to it throughout the film.

Robert Pattinson was perfect as Edward Cullen. 
Maybe because while reading, I already imagined him to be Edward. 
While watching him the first time Bella sat beside him during their Biology class,
the agitation and anxiousness was really hilarious.

Kristen Stewart was a beautiful sight.
I admit, the acting was a bit awkward. It's as if it was her first time.
But the kissing scene was sensual in its most exquisite way.
And then I realized, I can't think of any Bella but Kristen.

I love how the director made the film a little funny.
Especially when Edward pretended to be sleeping while Bella
was on the hospital bed. Another remarkable scene was when Bella and 
Edward pretended to be quarreling. 

* * *

Twilight created a world for us, humans, that made me
wanting to be part of it. It eradicated the fear of vampires in me.

It made me want to jump like a vampire.
Look like a vampire.
Live for years like a vampire.
Eat like a vampire.
Run fast like a vampire.
Everything in me like a vampire.

Twilight is a great way to end the year.
A great way, indeed.