Friday, January 30, 2009

The best Milk you'll ever have

Gay films equal sex.

That has always been the perception of many when talking about films of such genre. 

But Milk proved it wrong - from the screenplay down to the actors, it was the best gay film after Brokeback Mountain.

I was hesitant, at first, knowing the age gap between Sean Penn and James Franco. I couldn't barely imagine how they would look like in the big screen - kissing and caressing each other, it would be like sleeping with my father.

But both actors pulled it through.

Professionalism aside, both actors really have the chemistry on screen. You would notice how much they prepared themselves in portraying the role.

Though very depressing, you would come to realize how people in the past fought for the rights of homosexuals. Harvey Milk was one of those. His passion and drive for equality in his time gained homosexuals the respect they deserve today.

The treatment was really commendable. Harvey Milk telling the whole story of the film was not really new, but it was how they stitched the film into one strong masterpiece which will surely take you back to the time when gay murder cases are very rampant.

Add to that the very compelling ending of the film - the time when Harvey Milk died. May it be Sean Penn's acting or the director's story telling, either ways, it was really the best scene for me.

Milk has truly put up a great fight for the upcoming Academy Awards - making it harder for the people to decide on who should they call the best.