Friday, December 18, 2009

Where would I be on 2154?

I see you.

We have seen him work in Terminator 2.

We saw how magnificent his eyes are in Titanic.

Now, brace yourselves for another masterpiece from the master, James Cameron.


When I heard of the film, it was nothing for me at first. It seems to be just another sci-fi movie that would pass by.

And then the trailer came, I said, "This I have to watch,"

I am not a movie critic, as I always say. But I love how James Cameron illustrated the world he created with his own mind.

I love every detail of the film - from the 3D technology to the music to the actors to even the creatures in the film.

I love how he told the story to every eye that will watch the film. I love how he brought me to another world, a world where everyone would want to be in.

Though the cast wasn't that strong, except for how Zoe Saldana do that growl and Sam Worthington's oh-so-hotness physique, the effects and story balanced it.

Would James Cameron still create such film?

That I'll leave up to him.

But I have only this to say, amazing is an understatement. Avatar is one divine masterpiece you surely don't want to miss.

So call your friends and take them to a one hell of an Ikran ride.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I love you, I do

Tranquility sparks
Illuminating the night
Thoughts of you ignite.

Thy breath is fresh air
Giving life to weary days
You're my oxygen.

Your warm, sweet embrace
Blankets me when I feel cold
Alone without you.

The touch of your lips
Shivers throughout my body
I crave everyday.

The look of your eyes
Melts my stonecold, empty heart
It drives me crazy.

All these I dare keep
Without you, where would I be?
I love you, I do.

* * *

Here's a haiku for my partner after challenging me to write one.
To you, I hope you like it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The country's gift this Christmas

Today's the start of Philippine's traditional Misa de Gallo.

You can now surely smell the cold breeze of the air as the holiday seasons come near.

But looking back, are we really having a merry Christmas despite the latest happenings in the country?

The latest on is the Ampatuan-Maguindanao Massacre where more than 50 people were murdered heinously.

Is this the country's gift for Christmas?

Nobody thought that would happen. Who would right? Only maybe those people who did it.

But on the brighter side, I still believe we're having a merry Christmas.

This would really be up to us now.

What we need to do now is to pray as one for the justice of the victims.

It wouldn't happen that fast, but we still need to believe that it will come, in time.

The country's gift might be gruel and tragic.

But giving it back with prayers and faith is one gift no one can ever take from us.

Merry Christmas everybody.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Start of dreams coming true

Where does everything start?

And I wonder how?

I always go back to Miley Cyrus' song, The Climb.

As the song goes:

"Ain't about how fast I get there,
ain't about what's waiting on the other side,
It's the climb,"

Starting out, I have always been a huge fan of advertising - it's creativity amazes me. And yes, I dreamt of being a copywriter.

I wish to someday win my Tambuli, Araw Award, Kidlat, and if opportunity allows me, that Cannes Grand Prix.

Too much of a dream?

I say, it's wishful thinking.

Going back to the question, where do you start?

You start dreaming, wishing that what you have in mind comes to reality.

Then comes, looking for the way on how you get there, the good and best way of course.

And when you get there, you stay and try to be the best.

Where does it end?

You are the one to tell it.

One key is to be happy and cherish every moment of it.

Friday, November 27, 2009

These I want for Christmas

I back read my blog when I first started it back in December and saw a Christmas wish list entry.

Then I thought, I should start thinking of my wish list come Christmas.

Here goes another list of the stuff I want this season of GIVING. Yes, yes, yes. I know. Ma-ma-materialism strikes back. I know this is untimely amidst all the chaos in the country. But hey, this is just a wishlist. Let's put insensitivity aside.

This is for your sake anyway. So you won't have a hard time thinking of what to give me.

Or am I just dreaming?

1. Last year I asked for a Fisheye Lomo cam. This year, I still want one. This is not the one I asked for a year ago, I want the chromiac version of the Fisheye. Perfect for photo taking while waiting for 12 midnight on Christmas.

2. How about my own portable DVD? The vacation will surely bore the hell out of me and that portable DVD is the perfect company. What do you think? Maybe you can include a DVD or two.

3. My eyes have been glued on Traffic shoes for quite some time now, and I think this is the right time to get one. Those pointed, shiny shoes would be perfect to wear on Noche Buena. Yes?

4. The child in me wants a Nintendo DSi. PSP is way too overused. I want something different this time.

5. Would I forget my long overdue dream? A DSLR for myself - whether a Canon 500d or that Nikon D5000. I think I should start plaguing my mom on this.

There you go.

My very own Christmas wish list.

I don' care whether it's wrapped or not.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Globe Tattoo brings Embassy to Subic

How do you bring Embassy to Subic?

I don't know.

And I don't even care.

All I know is that Globe Tattoo is bringing Embassy to Subic tonight at the 21st Philippine Advertising Congress.

Where else do you party at Subic?


My very first Philippine Advertising Congress will surely be uber fun.

See you there guys!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2012 on 2010

Christmas is the time of the year when you reflect and repent.

Now, 2012 is the movie of the year when you do the same.

We saw it happened with Independence Day. Another one came with The Day After Tomorrow. But 2012 is a 360 degrees different from all those disaster flicks.

For one thing, the end of the world on 2012 is a forewarning from the Mayan calendar. According to them, the Mayan calendar will end on December 12, 2012 thus the end of the world.

From there, 2012 visually created what could happen when the earth annihilates right before your very eyes.

Starring John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Chiwetel Ejiofor among others, 2012 tells us the epic adventure of saving your own lives when the world comes to an end.

We know of how John Cusack is great as an actor, but the supporting roles complemented each other to create that perfect ensemble.

There were, of course, parts that you wouldn't like but in a holistic point of view, the film's just perfect.

So I say, Independence Day + The Day After Tomorrow <>

You have been warned.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pacman? Vice-president?

On my way to work today, the radio was tuned in to Mike Enriquez’s daily morning show in DZBB (and yes, I don’t have a choice since you ride down the cab with the radio tuned in already, it’s a good thing though).

My eyebrows suddenly raised when this certain volunteer group is recommending/suggesting/advising Manny to run as the country’s vice-president come 2010 elections fighting against the country’s high caliber politicians.

Under what grounds?

They say Pacman is the person who will help those forgotten or deprived Filipino athletes like Z Gorres. They say we are assured of his honesty in serving the people because he won’t be corrupting. He has the money anyway, they say.


Wait a minute. Hold your horses people.

I say my piece in three parts:

(1) He might be the Pound-for-Pound King, the ultimate warrior, or whathaveyous, but it doesn’t automatically mean that he is right and perfect for the position. It’s not as if helping all those athletes would help the country get back on its feet. We are healing a more serious wound than that.

(2) Politics is not Manny’s arena, and it will never be. He might have all the money in the world, he might even pay the country’s debt (exaggerated, yes!) but it doesn’t disqualify him to be corrupt. Okay, not him. But the people surrounding him? I don’t think so.

(3) I just can’t imagine a boxer leading the country. I am very sorry, I am not discriminating Manny in whatever sort of way, but I just don’t see it. It’s not as if boxing gyms would help the country. He’s not even qualified to be one. According to the COMELEC REQUIREMENTS, to qualify to run as vice-president, you need to be 35 years old and above. He’s 30. No can do. Sorry.

Do you hear me people?

Not Manny.

Let him play his game.

Let’s play ours.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rock, Paper, Scissors

I am pretty sure you have heard of those asian poses. We, Filipinos, even call them Japan-Japan (with that peace sign).

But I never grasped its reality until I saw this site they call

I rolled on the floor, laughing.

I never thought that they even call some of these poses as rock, paper, and scissors (as what you see in the photos).

Its not that I am discriminating my fellow asians, but really, the photos are really funny.

I found it funny.

I hope you find just as funny.

No offense, really.

Now, let me try my rock, paper, scissors asian pose.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just when you wanted it

Surprises come in unexpected instances, in the weirdest situations, in the most awkward packages.

As for me, surprise came in a Black Tie.

Nothing can ever replace the happiness you'll feel when that dream finally came true.

Now what do you do next?

You cherish it.

You make the best thing possible to be great in it.

You make everyone proud.

You love it.

I think I'm ready.

Bring it on!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I wanna be Toby

I was never a fan of Astro Boy.

Well, I like the way the artist drew him, a true heart-and-eye-catching.

But I never knew the story until I watched the movie.

BACK STORY: I really don't have any plans of watching the film. A free ticket made me. Who am I to resist?

Then, I found myself enticed with the little boy superhero.

I suddenly want to have my own Astro Boy, the genuine one, the robotic.

Then live in Metro City.

Have my own flying car.

Have that flying squeegee and glass sprayer.

But why so sudden?

Maybe the storytelling made me fall in love with Astro, or Toby.

It was very clear and smooth that even though I was late, I caught up with it.

I love the animation, the crisp movement and illustration of the film.

And of course, the humor is ageless.

So from now on, call me Astro, your wonder boy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A wake up call

Maybe I was just too complacent, or maybe not.

My career has always been rocky, or shall I call it, indefinite?

Yes, I, of course, know what I want to do in life. That I am 100% sure about.

But then, you reach that thinking where you ask yourself if that certain goal is really for you, or do you have what it takes to be what you want to be.

I have never doubted my skills.


Yes, I am.

But I am starting to falter.

I am starting to doubt.

I am starting to fall.

"Lord, help me find my place here on earth. Guide me where you want me to be, where I can be happy."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Apple in a bottle

Ever since The BaR launched last year, it has become a choice in drinking-forward-slash-chill out sessions with family and friends.

And now, it spices up its line as it launched The BaR Apple Vodka.

Now I say, wow!

I've heard of mango-flavored vodka, but apple? Wait a minute!

A friend who went to its launch last Friday, October 16 at Manor Superclub proved its irresistible taste.

I, too, had the chance - thanks to their free bottles.

And I said, yet again, WOW!

Adding to the sizzling launch are the new faces of The BaR. The oh-so-hotness Joyce So, the bubbly Jaymee Joaquin, the hunkie John James Uy, the serenader Jay-R Siaboc, and the alluring Wendy Valdez.

I can't wait for the next event.

That, I wouldn't miss.

With a bottle of Sprite and that good ole' The BaR, nothing can go wrong.

Joyce So

Jay-r Siaboc

Jaymee Joaquin

John James Uy

Wendy Valdez

Monday, October 19, 2009

More than your Twilight

Legends say that before a vampire can enter your home, you have to invite him or her in.

Or else.

Discover it on your own as you watch Sweden's entry this year at the 11th Cinemanila Film Festival.

What's great about this film is how it veered out of the ordinary vampire story, love story at that. Stephanie Meyer made it in the big screen with her mushy vampire love story, but take this one differently.

Let The Right One In assures you of a different take in vampire's story of love and true friendship.

You still of course get those two fangs and bloody bites.

But rest assured, that's just it.

It's so good I even wished to have a vampire friend.

Anyone out there?

Catch Let The Right One In at the 11th Cinemanila Film Festival. Visit for the schedule.

AIDS, careers, and paying the rent

It really saddens me how the man who conceptualized and, actually, created a whole Broadway production died the night before its first show.


Jonathan Larson, the man behind the Broadway musical, Rent, died by just collapsing in his apartment at around 3am of February 13, 1996.

Some say the success of Rent can be rooted with Larson's death.

But really, whether Larson died or lived, Rent is truly an extraordinary masterpiece from an extraordinary playwright.

The actors are simply the perfect ones for the characters.

The script is worth the $100.

Perfect. Just perfect.

Thank you Jonathan for such wonderful creation, for imparting to us that a year can be measured with love, with your friends, and by paying the rent.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What could happen in your last three days on earth?

The world was awakened with the threat of total destruction. A meteorite will collide with Earth in 72 hours and the small town of Laguna listens to this news in despair and chaos.

Alejandro or Ale (Victor Clavijo) a carefree, happy-go-lucky lad decides to spend the few hours remaining with alcohol in his hand, cigarette in his mouth, and loud music in his ears.

But everything changed when Lucio (Eduard Fernandez), a person from his dark past, appears right on their doorstep.

He is now torn between protecting his brother’s children from Lucio and from the end of the world.

* * *

One thing's for sure, you wouldn't expect such story in an "Independence Day" inspired film.

I should say, this is not your ordinary end-of-the-world flick, where the character runs for his life.

What made the film extra special is its focus to a micro-story while the characters are moving around a macro plot.

The movie is a total package - from the cinematography, to the screenplay, to the sound effects, to the production design. Seamless. Almost perfect.

There would always be some flaunts you'll see, but when you look in a bigger scale, you'll realize, this is crazy awesome.

What would your really do on your last three days on earth?

I'd rather spend it in the streets, seeing people running around taking photos of them.

That would be perfect.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Proud to be Pinoy

The whole country was take aback in a blink of an eye.

The whole world was alarmed.

Even I was grieving, tearful, and empty-hearted.

Then you saw how for a minute, everything was washed out, literally.

Houses, cars, establishments.

Worst, lives.

A downpour of rain that I thought would just be a simple shower resulted to a death toll of 40 (as of 1:09pm).

Part of me wants to say that this is what we deserve, Mother Nature's taking back what she gave.

But major part of me is depressed of the present calamity Philippines is experiencing.

Why us?

But what made me proud to a Pinoy is the help that all of us were willing to extend for those who are gravely affected.

Onli in da Pilipins, as they say.

Amidst the raging waters of Ondoy, we, Filipinos, showed the world that being a third world country is no hindrance to help those who are in need.

I am proud to be Pinoy.

Inside and out.

* * *

For those who are willing to help, the following establishments are accepting donations:

Caritas Manila Office
Jesus St., Pandacan Manila near Nagtahan Bridge
5639298 / 5639308

Radio Veritas
Veritas Tower West Ave. Corner EDSA
9257931 / 40

Burger Avenue
Fort Strip and Makati Avenue Branches

Manor Superclub
Eastwood City
4213930 / 4212047

Renaissance Fitness Center
2nd Floor, Bramante Building, Renaissance Towers, Ortigas

Inquirer Office
1098 Chino Roces Ave. corner Mascardo and Yague Streets, Makati City
and to any of its classified ads branches
8978808 loc. 260

All branches

Embassy Superclub
Fort Bonifacio

GMA Kapuso Foundation Warehouse
Charles Conrad Street, Doña Faustina Village II Brgy. Culiat, Tandang Sora Quezon City
Sheilana Ward 931-7013

Victory Fort
Call 813-FORT.

NoyMar Relief Operations
Balay Expo Center across Farmers Market Cubao
Clare Amador +639285205508
Jana Vicente at +639285205499

Miriam Quiambao
One Orchard Road Building in Eastwood

Philippine Army Gym
Fort Bonifacio

Camp Aguinaldo

Team Manila
Trinoma, Mall of Asia, Jupiter Bel-Air and Rockwell branches

Aranaz Stores
Rockwell and Greenbelt branches

Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan Task Force Noah
Ateneo Cervini Dorm

Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Katipunan Avenue
426-6001 / 09176312423 / 09177035357

91 Roces Ave, Ali Mall Cubao, SM City North EDSA, SM Fairview, SM Megamall, Glorietta 3 in Makati, SM Centerpoint and SM Southmall branches

Our Lady of Pentecost Parish
12 F. Dela Rosa corner C. Salvador Sts., Loyola Heights, Quezon City

All branches

Hillsborough Village Chapel
Muntinlupa City

Our Lady of Pentecost Parish
12 F. dela Rosa cor. C. Salvador Streets, Loyola Heights , Quezon City
+6324342397 / +6329290665

La Salle Greenhills
Gate 2, La Salle Greenhills

Relief Operations for San Francisco del Monte
Quezon City
Rache Gillego 09189241636

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
All branches

All Petron branches

Rockwell, Shang-rila, Eastwood, and GA towers branches

Moonshine Boutique

Erica Paredes
Katipunan Avenue
+632917 / 4741930

Gabriela Women’s Party Headquarters
118 Scout Rallos, Kamuning, Quezon City

Citizens Disaster Response Center (CDRC)
72-A Times St., West Triangle, QC

All braches

San Antonio Parish
Forbes Park
+6329299820 / 22

Ministop Ibarra
Espana cor. Blumentritt, Sampaloc Manila

Megatent Pasig
Meralco Ave, beside Renaissance Towers

2314 Chino Roces Ave Ext

Sunshine Project
Brought to you by the management and staff of Tabu, Burger Ave, Ebs Photo Ali Atienza, Wency Lagumbay, J.M Rodriguez, DJ Christian Raueber, Marco Santos and Rob Leung
Call +639177907973


Red Cross Load Donations
2899 for Globe
4483 for Smart

accepts donations via:
SmartMoney 5577514418667103
GCash 09179751092

ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya Center
Sagip Kapamilya hotlines 413-26-67, 416-03-87
Ondoy response: ABS-CBN hotline 416-36-41

Bank: Banco de Oro, Mother Ignacia branch
Acct name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.
Acct no.: 5630020111

ABS-CBN Foundation Inc for overseas donation: 1-800-527-2820 or
Routing code for international cash donations

Port Area Branch
Peso Acct.: 151-3-041-63122-8
Dollar Acct.: 151-2-151-00218-2
Type of Acct. : SAVINGS
Swift Code: MBTC PH MM

Port Area Branch
Peso Acct.: 4991-0010-99
Type of Account: CURRENT

UN Branch
Dollar Acct.: 8114-0030-94
Type of Account: SAVINGS
Swift Code: BOPI PH MM

For your donations to be properly acknowledged, please fax the bank transaction slip at nos. 527-0575 or 404-0979 with yourname, address and contact number.


Carlos Celdran
09279103919 / 09273770808

Ateneo de Manila
09279103919 / 09273770808

Red Cross Shaw Blvd.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ninth ray for our Philippine flag's sun?

The ninth ray will represent our fellow Muslim brothers who fought for our country's independence.

Now, wait a minute.

Wouldn't it be too far-fetched?

The present 8 rays represent the 8 provinces that declared war on the 1896 Philippine Revolution.

The Muslims has nothing to do with the provinces.

I am neither a racist nor against our Muslim brothers.

But I just don't see the line that connects the two.

Tell me, do you agree?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Drag queens gone wild

I first thought it would be the usual drag queen flicks where they will be just acting as drag queens because they witnessed a crime or something.

But I was totally wrong.

They brought the cliche story of drag queens to a notch higher level, no, much much higher level.

The company of Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes, and John Leguizamo shows the best part of being drag queens - fantabulous lifestyle, keen fashion sense, and that extravagant uniqueness.

What made the film more interesting maybe is the three's unique characters.

Patrick Swayze is Vida, the obsessive-complusive, life-intruder (in the most positive way), perfectionist draq queen.

Snipes, on the other hand, is the black drag queen, Noxeema, the usual black you see on TV, nagger, high fashion, individualist.

Leguizamo, Ms. Chichi, is the Latina beauty drag queen, the nonchalant, wild, and careless among the three.

One will surely love the film's humor.

Incomparabla, I should say.

A drag queen story only Swayze, Snipes, and Leguizamo do.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Word Play @ Tumblr

I am starting a new trend in my Tumblr account.
World, I present to you, Word Play.

Using my photos, I play with words, showing how the photos would best be expressed in words.

Good thing I have bunch of those photos in my files.

Wish you guys'll love it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Kimmy Dora Fever

It all started out with a viral video in You Tube. Then, everything spread like wildfire.

Kimmy Dora took the whole country down with its wit and humor.

I say, with Eugene Domingo, nothing can go wrong.

For the benefit of those who doesn't know the story, Kimmy Dora is a story of twins, Kimmy and Dora, who just can't be the best twin sister for each other.

Kimmy is the smart, sophisticated, and the nastiest person, boss, twin sister you'll ever know. While Dora, the special twin, is the most lovable, caring, and troublesome twin sister.

Where does humor comes in? You ask.

Eugene Domingo and Joyce Bernal's tandem is so perfect that the simpliest story warped into the best comedy film of the year.

Slapstick, some might say.

But maybe, just maybe, that's what the Filipino needs amidst the present crisis.

Or I am just making an excuse.

A very good excuse.

Not really.

It was just the best laugh I had with movies in years.

Excuse me?

Do you work here?