Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Guilty of charge

I found myself once again amid a pool of caffeine addicts in Starbucks.

Whether we like it or not, the Philippines is truly fast-becoming a land of aspirers who either drink coffee because they feel the need of being awake or simply because peer pressure pushes them to do so. 

We are caught in the middle of economic crises, but seeing a few number of people falling in line to buy a Venti Toffee Nut Frappuccino makes me wonder if the country is really under the aforementioned crises. 

We have always been a below-poverty line country. Since time immemorial, we have experienced recessions that take away our chance of progression and development. But what wonders me is the fact that we are a third world country yet Starbucks are sprouting everywhere like parasites and we, Filipinos, come rushing like hungry hyenas to buy a cup or two. 

Now I begin to ask, are we really a third world country?

I am guilty of charge. Honestly, I buy myself a cup of my favorite Iced Caramel Macchiato just to complete the required number of stickers to get myself that limited edition red Starbucks planner. I have been doing this since 2006, and up until now, I still am unaware of the reason behind my desire.

It's maybe because of its signature taste - that coffee blended with the perfect pinch of sweetness. 

It's also maybe because of the ambience - blame it to the cafe's romantic and relaxing breeze.

But on the other end, it's maybe because of its name that carries with it the glamour and class whenever you have it at hand.

Once in a while, whenever finances allow me to, I buy myself that expensive-than-gasoline cup of coffee along with my friends who are also big fans of the mermaid. Whenever I do so, I always sit in silence, thinking why I bought myself that one hundred and fifty pesos worth.

My one hundred and fifty pesos could have gone a long way than just a cup of coffee. But at the end of the day, I always go back to the green mermaid and buy myself another cup. 



Ironic truth.

We are a population of fancy dwellers who cling on to what is in. 
We love to have what others have for the sake of being one with them.
We grow with what the Western culture dictates.

I don't show myself here unclean.
As I said, I am guilty.

But I know in time, we will grow weary of this.
I know...in time.


Toni said...

I like your new template! :)

Jepoy Malinao said...

I'm still in the process of developing my site.
Hope someday I'll have my own wifelysteps.com and call it yopejdgreat.com. =)