Thursday, December 11, 2008

A different Noche Buena

I wonder how Christmas would be in the country now that we are amid a highly controversial economic crisis. 

Would it still be the same as last year? Would there still be the much-awaited hamon and the long-existing queso de bola? Would each family still exchange gifts? Would ninongs and ninangs be hiding from their inaanaks, again?

I, myself, am confused on how would Christmas be for me and my family this year. With the continuous price hike in the market, we would surely be celebrating Christ's birth in a different way.

We used to have two celebrations on Christmas eve, one is with the whole family - that includes my uncles, aunts, and cousins - the other is with their own families. Now, with what is happening, I think there would only be one for each family member. 

Before, my uncle used to give his nephews and nieces a thousand bucks on Christmas day. I vividly remember how we rush in line to get our Christmas 'gift' from him. I think the amount would lessen this year - or worst, this wouldn't happen at all.

The family usually have a roasted pig during this season, matched with cases and cases of beers and drink until we all drop. This year, maybe we'll settle with fish and a case of beer just to celebrate the night away.

There will surely be a huge difference as to how each family will celebrate the holidays. But despite such, it matters not we put up glamorous parties or expensive food for Noche Buena. What matters most is the presence of each family member on this very special occasion - the hug, the kisses, and the care we feel from each other.

Lucky you people you have your moms and dads with you this season. I don't want to be too mushy here, but really, you should celebrate Christmas thankfully with your family. I may celebrate one with mine, minus my mom and dad however.

Celebrating Christmas is not all about the gifts, it's about the love we share on this season of giving.


Anonymous said...

Ngayong pasko, "Mawala na ang lahat wag lang ang smile ng pamilya!" Mag-smile sa buhay, Mag-Coke araw-araw!

Jepoy Malinao said...

sabihin mo saking hindi kita kilala.