Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What do I want for Christmas?

I could always say that I want world peace and equality for Christmas - like what I always pray for. But maybe this year, I leave it to my everyday prayers and rather wish for the fathomable ones, material things at that.

So, here's my Christmas wish list 2008. Note, this is my first wish list ever written. Spare me.

I listed here the top 5 stuffs I want this season of GIVING and SHARING.

1. My phone is quite rugged now. I don't want to sell it so I wish to have a new phone this Christmas - an iPhone 3G wouldn't be bad. With it's 3G feature, my mom could video call me anytime, anywhere. 

2. Since I already bought a new pair of shoes last week, maybe a pair of slippers would be perfect. I never had slippers for months now, maybe it's high time you guys give me one.

3. I just bought books one and two of the Twilight Saga. Maybe buying me the other two would be something to look forward to - Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Boredom would kill me during my trip to Davao, and the books would perfectly aid. 

4. An authentic ODM is another perfect gift. It would make remember you more since I will wear it everyday and actually look at it every minute. Don't you just love the idea?

5. My partner just bought me a Multicolor Holga, but a Fisheye 2 would complete my lomo craving. With it's perfect circle effect on the photo, I will surely take a perfect capture of you. 

I could have written ten options but I think that would be too much. 

So if you're thinking of a gift for me, worry not. Here's the list.