Friday, December 12, 2008

Philippines Politics redux


Next topic please.

I am not the type who involve myself too much with politics. I am not your 'Ibagsak si Gloria!' or 'No to CHA-CHA' citizen who takes part in all the rally there is against the present government - from Mendiola to Ayala Avenue. I am not the kind who gripes over fraudulent animals administering this country.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not. I really am not.

Yet, it doesn't mean that I don't care for this country. I do. Believe me. But whenever I think of Philippine politics, I lose myself and tend to talk too much, exuding the Dabawenyo in me - which I don't care, by the way.

When would all these end? Is there still a chance for this country to make it up for the future generation? 

This country doesn't need a leader who will magically turn everything by 360 degrees and create a better nation for its people. It doesn't need politicians who wrap itself with gold and diamonds and act as if nothing worse is happening with the his country. And most especially, it doesn't need inefficient people who runs the government as if it is running a bike.

What these people need are leaders who will stand up for them when everything seems to be out of order. They need people who will battle for the country until their last drop of blood, until their last breath. 

The people are not asking for too much. It's actually enough. They have the right to demand in the first place.

Stop. Look. Listen.

It's high time we stop the idiocy we do that pulls the whole nation to the ground. Leaders, stop the unrighteous stealing of money from the people. Are you not ashamed of the your doings? Where has your conscience gone? Look deeper with what is happening in the country caused mostly by your greed over power and wealth. Listen to what your people are saying. We don't need sympathy, we need actions. 

For the people, stop blaming our leaders for we are the sole reason why these people are in their positions. Instead, let's support their undertakings and look at what good things they have done for the country. I am not saying that we need not scrutinize the things they do, what I am trying to say is that we listen to what they say - sometimes obedience resolves dispute. 

We are not yet too late to climb up the ladder of betterment and progress. We still have the chance. 

Seize it. Flourish it. Proliferate it.


bagugab said...

Hi! can u tell me what can I do if I see a government official doing a corrupt act? You know how it is with our leaders. They try to cover for each other.(